Mutterings: 500 (not mine)

Da Goddess @ 01:12

I say, you think:

  1. Call :: box
  2. Instinct :: reflex
  3. Toffee :: fay
  4. Cleaner :: swiffer picker upper
  5. Gut :: response
  6. Leveled :: charge
  7. Discover :: the world
  8. Together :: again
  9. Attack :: defend
  10. String :: cheese

Nina’s hit #500 on Unconscious Mutterings!


Dear Hulu

Da Goddess @ 23:28

You really kinda suck right now. All these changes you’ve made recently are about as welcome as the “new, improved features” Facebook forces down our throats at every turn.

See, I’m far from blind, but I can’t seem to find my queue from the front page (well, okay, it shows up every now and again, but it’s normally NOT THERE). And pretty much every single show stalls on me now.

This is better? I think not.

And now I’m done.

Neil Armstrong: The Eagle Has Landed; 1930-2012

Da Goddess @ 02:37

I remember the excitement in our home as we gathered around the television to watch the historic moon landing. It was big news for us! Down near the airport in Cleveland was a NASA wind tunnel. I would always crane my neck from the back seat of the car as we’d drive by, imagining myself someday floating into space and discovering new worlds, getting to know ours better from a different perspective, and just generally going where no man, and certainly no woman had thus far been allowed to train to go.

I wanted to be the one to discover a heretofore unknown and unseen planet. I wanted to conduct experiments in space. I wanted to boldly go where Neil Armstrong had gone. I wanted to spend “two hours and 21 minutes” literally walking in his famous footsteps.

Armstrong was, to me, adventurous, kind, loving, curious, intelligent, daring, BOLD!, so very handsome, and the sort of man who looked as though he’d be the perfect father and then I’d change my mind six seconds later, believing he’d be a better husband. (Yes, I was 3 and I stilll looking for my future husband — I took my fairy tales quite seriously!) He was the first American civilian to orbit the earth

Sadly, Neil Armstrong died from complications following heart surgery. He was 82.

Aug. 5, 1930 – Aug. 25, 2012
Godspeed, dreamer and doer of daring deeds


10th Grade?

Da Goddess @ 22:23

I can’t believe LD is old enough to be a sophomore in high school. What happened? Where did the time go?

Today was his first day of school. We spent 35 minutes on the phone talking about his classes and his teachers, as well as the new puppy being so excited to see him after school that he was pounced upon the minute he walked in the door. Don’t know why only one of the pups did that, but as long as one of them did that’s all that really matters. Made him happy!

After all that, LD went with my dad to cruise night. They’ve been going every week for a few weeks now, I guess. I know my dad is very glad to have the time with him and LD is having fun hanging out with his grandfather. Even though I’m not there to witness it, I can feel in my heart that it’s a wonderful thing. I think my dad is starting to feel like he has to get in as much time as he can with the kids because he’s “getting too damn old” (his words, not mine). I know that’s normal — I just don’t like thinking about it. Again, I’m glad both of them are diggin’ their time together. Makes me happy to know they have this opportunity, you know?

And now I’m feeling older than dirt thinking about the fact that I have one kid who’s in 10th grade and another who’s going to…college. It doesn’t seem possible since I can still remember my high school days (most of them, anyway) with alarming clarity.

Oh well.

Here’s hoping LD loves school as much in a month as he did today. And here’s hoping your kids or grandkids have a great school year!


I’m a Total Bunhead

Da Goddess @ 23:41

I swear, I may be the only person on earth who loves the show Bunheads, but I can’t help it. Sutton Foster is delightful and cracks me the hell up.

You’d think I do nothing but watch TV these days. Not so. I just turn to Hulu every night in order to resane myself.

Yep. New word for y’all.


Time Machine!

Da Goddess @ 02:08

Returning us to one evening back in 2009


I Don’t Know if I’ll Respect Myself in the Morning

Da Goddess @ 00:34

…but I’m posting this anyway (the kid in the beginning makes it all worth it as does the guy in the yellow suit in the parking garage who reminds me of LD in a black wig kind of like Ramones’ hair and with some dance moooooves /runonsentence)

I can’t help it. It’s too good NOT to post!

And I love that I’m not the only one who’s misheard the lyrics, although I hear them as “open condom star”.

I’m waiting for this to be parodied politically. C’mon…one of you out there has to be ready to do this.


Clever Kid

Da Goddess @ 06:00

LD and his friends were making up stories using the names of countries. This is what he wrote:

Oman, Kenya keep it Kuwait in here? I am Ghana get some sleep for I have Togo take my friend Chad to the dentist tomorrow because Egypt his tooth on a Congo drum that he threw at a Turkey that made a Sudan movement while he had to Singapore child to sleep. He is in some serious Spain after he Laos a Latvia a tooth and blood. So get Yemen away from us and if Ukraine your neck to look, you are out. Ok? … And if i have Tibet, i don’t think i can do anymore. … Mom, Jamaica me paranoid sometimes. … Belize dont do this to me. Isreal hard to come up with these and they will delay me from having to Pakistan into a box after it is so clean you cant find a Germany where. i Canda do this any more. there is just Norway.

Yes, this is what an almost 16 year old does for fun during the summer these days.

And he keeps going…something about carrying extra sugar so he can Sweden his coffee…


Da Goddess @ 00:14

Netflix. Second free month. It’s what gets me through.


Hey Ya

Da Goddess @ 06:41

Best unexpected cover song — evah!

Discovered via Blinded By Sound’s ” Favorite Cover Songs“


Oh Yeah!

Da Goddess @ 13:48

Now I remember! the pilot for Matthew Perry’s new show, Go On, was surprisingly good! I really thought that was going to be horrible based on the commercials and then I watched it. I’ll be tuning in for more starting next month. Also, I hope and pray to see more of Bill Cobbs. One of my favorite actors.

Now maybe we can rid ourselves of the wretched Whitney and Cheslea.

Everybody Wang Chung Tonight

Da Goddess @ 13:14

What? You don’t want to? Fine, I don’t blame you. But it got you looking.

And after all that, I forgot what I was going to post. How’s that for blonde?