If LD Were Photographed By Terry Richardson

DaGoddess @ 01:44

He wasn’t. I did this. Last summer. In a very Richardson-esque manner.

Richardson-esque depiction of Little Dude

Really enjoying my time here in San Diego. I’ve seen Mad Mikey and the whole MM Family, a photographer or two, our dear, dear friends C&R…and have plans to catch up with others before I have to hit the road again.

Got a freaky story to tell, but that’s for later when I have a better internet connection.


Mama I’m Comin’ Home

DaGoddess @ 02:40

Made it to my mom’s. Warm and welcoming. I’m home!


And Then It Dawned on Me

DaGoddess @ 14:39

It occurs to me that I’m not that good a blogger anymore. I mean, I know I’ve been slacking off because of the back thing for the last six years, but don’t you think the addition of a laptop would actually IMPROVE my blogability? Yeah, you’d think that, however, it hasn’t really helped much, has it?

And then it dawned on me that I could actually increase my blogability if I were to invest in a nice, sturdy shelf or some such thing for the bathroom. I could blog during those uncomfortable moments when I’m stuck in the bathroom for far longer than I would like. (I could also watch my shows on Hulu in there, but that’s beside the point…kinda.) I wouldn’t need to tell you I’m blogging from the throne; all you’d know is that suddenly the site would be filled with magnificent content that always seems to pop into my head while I’m…in the head! (I’d add a rim shot here, but that’s just wrong.)

So what do you think?

P.S. I’m trying desperately to finish packing, shower, and get in the car and head to SD. I have stuff to do! Now, get out of my bathroom and let me get on with my bidniz.



DaGoddess @ 07:00

Well, I can move about a bit more freely, although sitting at the computer is still difficult. I’ve managed 5 minute increments without too much discomfort, but that’s about it. It’s still progress. Hoping I can up it by at least 10 minutes each day. Fingers crossed!

I have less tenderness to touch on my back, which is a big improvement. Now showers don’t hurt, nor do shirts. I’m still working up to my medical alert necklace (yes, I finally got one after the last “incident”…not taking any chances).

And, a decision was made regarding my steroid epidural. Next Thursday instead of tomorrow. This ensures that I’ll have a driver (a necessity since I’ll have sedation) and it means I can go to San Diego. Regardless of how bad the back is, I’m going. I have to. I have business to which I must attend. In other words, I miss my family and I want my mommy! Hahahahaha! Yes, I’m a big baby at the moment.

All things considered, these baby steps are all very good signs that things are moving in the right direction. Next, I hope the constant rib and leg pain abate some.

As for the little legal issue I mentioned in my passworded post, I do believe I have worked out a very reasonable approach and also have a solid legal back up plan. Upon my return to full physical movement, we will do the dance of joy.


Two-fer Tuesday: A Little Boogie Woogie

DaGoddess @ 02:55

Expected — from phenomenal pianist Henry Gray:

I had the distinct honor of meeting Henry Gray in 2009, hearing him play, and him at work. Lovely man.


I’m so sad that I only got to visit the Liberace Museum once for a cabaret showcase right when I moved to the Vegas. If you’re amenable to it, they are taking donations to help preserve the collection and find it a permanent home. It’s worth it. Sincerely, to see the shoes and the costumes and the piano and everything else…this is a sight to behold.

And one of my favorites — the Queen of Boogie Woogie, Ms. Sue Palmer! Special guest, Steve Lucky (of Steve Lucky & the Rhumba Bums, who I also enjoy):


Musings From the Sofa

DaGoddess @ 18:24

1) why didn’t I get a phone with a bigger keyboard when the last one died?

2) why isn’t there a de-linting option on the dryer? I dried a pair of pants in the same load as a blanket and…well, the pants were black and the blanket gray. You do the math.

3) why isn’t there anything better on tv? Honestly, I hate Dr. Phil, Dr, Oz, all the judges, and all the rest of the dreck that’s on during the day. I actually resorted to watching 10 minutes of Knight Rider and the Hoff was singing! That should tell you something (other than I’m taking either too much or not enough medication).

4) why must the only appt available for my steroid epi be on the same day I was going to head home for my delayed Christmas? I suppose the argument could be made that without the epi I might not be going anywhere.

5) sigh


I’ll Have a Side of Angst With My Beef

DaGoddess @ 00:40

Ennui, depression, overwhelming information, apathy…I’m not sure what this is, but I think, no, I’m pretty sure it’s a sign of something larger. Actually, ever since my injection series last week, I’ve been on this absurd roller coaster of pain and exhaustion and inability to focus to the point where much of my days and nights are spent staring blankly at the computer monitor. I have writing I’m working on. Transcribing a couple of interviews but unable to maintain any semblance of coherence, it’s frustrating. I have stuff to finish! I have lots of things to get done. But none of that’s happening.

The pain…it’s at the point where even the thought of something touching my skin makes me cry. The exhaustion just means I’ve not been able to get adequate sleep since my nice marathon last week. Yes, I’m taking my Ambien and Vicodin. It’s just not helping. I thought maybe I needed to break patterns. Last night, I stayed awake as long as I could and then drifted off naturally. Lasted all of 45 minutes. I finally broke down and took my meds and eventually slept, but it was that sleep-wake-sleep-wake-sleep-wake sort of thing where you wake up more tired than you were to start.

Needless to say, I’m cranky and I’m having a hard time mustering up the ability to even talk or text anyone. Lord, you know it’s bad when I look at my phone and curse it for requiring too much effort to push a couple buttons and stay in contact with the world.

That’s how the passworded post below starts out and the rest, well, it’s rather specific in terms of some concerning concerns (yes, I actually wrote it that way). Most of you know where to find the password. If not, if you know me and you know my regular (unpublished) email, hit me up and I’ll send it to you.

I’m going to try to sleep now and see if the universe is being kind to me again. Wish me luck.

Protected: I Dunno

DaGoddess @ 00:34

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:


Ancient Memeage

DaGoddess @ 07:31

Dave. Been a while since I did one, so here I go again.

1) Go to Wikipedia. Hit Random Search. That’s your topic and band name.

2) Go to any quote database. Get a page of quotes. Last quote on the page, take the last 4 or 5 words and they serve as the album name.

3) Go to Flickr. Click on the explore last 7 days option. THIRD photo, no matter what, is your image. Save it.

Now, compile all these fun bits and pieces and present to us your new album.*

Columbia Township's first album called 'Get Into The Office' - it obviously sold one copy to each band member's mom and/or father

Bringing to you, my friends: Colombia Township and “Get Into the Office”! Perfect for Thursday night viewing and alternate soundtrack in case Michael, Jim, Dwight, Pam, Andy, Angela, and the rest of the gang start to get boring.

* While it would be really nice for you to link back to the flickr user, it’s not required. I do, however, strongly urge you to do so because it IS nice.

The Melt

DaGoddess @ 01:59

Taken the day we had snow.

Drip drip drip

More thaw

Time Keeps On Drippin' Drippin' Drippin' Into the Future

Snowdrops on Something Other Than Roses

Livin' Life By The Drop


It’s a Single Space!

DaGoddess @ 17:34

I’ve had this argument a million times, it seems. When I was editing for an online magazine, I’d spend countless hours deleting extra spaces and trying to wrangle text into neat little blocks.

And now, now I have the article to back up my assertion that we only need ONE space between sentences!

Every modern typographer agrees on the one-space rule. It’s one of the canonical rules of the profession, in the same way that waiters know that the salad fork goes to the left of the dinner fork and fashion designers know to put men’s shirt buttons on the right and women’s on the left. Every major style guide—including the Modern Language Association Style Manual and the Chicago Manual of Style—prescribes a single space after a period.

So, take that, all you crazy double-spacers! I mean, friends. I mean…oh, never mind. Just…read and follow the rules, please. My eyes, and the eyes of the world willl thank you.


Wondering Where They Are

DaGoddess @ 05:18

Hoopty Mike, Cheyenne, Skits, Quinn, Melly, Meesh, Sugarmama, Mommie Joie, Sour Bob, Madman, Mal, Right Wing Texan, Majik Marc, Marc from Quit That, JB, Texas Mike, Anton, and more…I wonder where they are now.

Back in the early days of blogging, back in 2002 and 2003, there was this thing going on…and there were people I adored.

Now, they’re just [mostly] ghosts of memories. I know I can track down one of the above, and have done so on occasion (usually for an annual howdy-do sort of conversation, just to touch base), but I wonder where the rest are, what they’re doing, what’s changed, what hasn’t, etc.

There are moments when I close my eyes and remember conversations, comments, laughter, the occasional phone calls, so many things…and then it’s just all gone. Ephemera.

If any of you are still around and happen to see this, say hi! Y’all know who you are, even if I didn’t list you by name. You know who you are and what fun we shared. I miss you. I just want to know you’re still out there being you in whatever capacity of your specialness that’s part of you. Leave me a comment and let me know you’re around.


Is This Thing On?

DaGoddess @ 16:07

Been without reliable Internet for a couple days. Seems the neighbor forgot to pay the bill again and it doesn’t help that the ONE road into my neighborhood is being torn up again…one way or another, cable access was just not happening. So, I puttered about and tried to get things done via the cell phone or otherwise offline. Mission accomplished.

I just conducted an interview with an up-and-coming blues artist who has floored me with her recent album. Gotta finish writing that review and type up the interview into something coherent. Wow! I can’t believe how amazing this woman is. I’ll post a link to everything when it’s up and ready at…drumroll please…the new site I’m writing for.

Let’s see, what else?

Oh yeah, went to the doctor on Monday and after a very uncomfortable and mostly sleepless weekend (during which I dreamed of trigger point injections [haven’t had any since 2005, but I dreamed of them anyway]), I told the P.A. that I was tired of not getting relief from my regular pain meds. He offered me a shot of Toradol, which I declined and reminded him of what happened last time (he wasn’t there that day and my chart is…well, we don’t know where it is). So, he said, “do you want to try the injections?” I jumped at the chance. I did, however, opt only for upper back as I’ve never done the lower back series and I just wanted to make sure this would provide relief. Now, he didn’t numb the injection areas as VCD used to do, but after all was said and done, it was okay. Sore, but okay.

I had 5 solid hours of relief on Monday. Yesterday? I was pretty much pain-free in my upper back the majority of the day! And I slept much of the day away, waking up feeling refreshed! OMG! I’ll take it! More, please! 8 injections to the upper back and I felt that good for as long as I did? More more more! And now I want to try the lower back, too! If I can have even just a few hours, a day, of relief like that? Please, sir, may I have another?

Um, yeah. So that’s what I’ve been up to.

Oh, and I had a cinnamon cookie with a cinnamon frosting that was to die for. It was my treat for having to endure the injections without numbing agent. AWESOME!

That’s about it for me. Gotta get my ass in gear and write up this interview. Also have to finish my thank you notes and get those in the mail, along with Christmas presents LD couldn’t carry on the plane with him. So much to do…and now I feel capable of getting it done. Yeehaw!


Hey, Computer!

DaGoddess @ 06:15

It’s really not nice of you to read my mind while you’re on “shuffle” and play the songs that speak to the sturm und drang within me.

I’ll thank you very much to just play randomly and not pick at my brain.

Bring on the Manilow and Zappa and weird Johnny Cash. Leave the rest of it alone. Please. My poor little head and heart can’t take it.


Suck It, Southwest

DaGoddess @ 17:07

Southwest has changed their Rapid Rewards program so that it’s now based upon points rather than credits. And there’s a new structure for redeeming the flight credits. Instead of being able to use 16 credits to get a flight anywhere Southwest flies, it now appears that your points dictate how far you travel. X number of points will get you to another state, more points get you further, etc.

Depending on what fare you pay, where you travel determines how many points you earn. So forget customer loyalty! You have to pay more and travel further to earn points “faster” (according to their new program it’s “faster”, but that’s bullshit).

For the traveler who frequently flies short trips, you’re gonna have to work a lot harder to earn that free flight from L.A. to the East Coast. If you don’t mind earning a trip to San Diego or Las Vegas, no worries. You can still do that. But that’s about it. You have to spend way more, fly further to earn that free flight. I’m one credit away from my free flight “anywhere Southwest flies”. As long as I take that trip before 3-11-2011, I guess I’m good. But after that? Forget it. I can only travel within this very tiny box they’ve set up.

Thanks bunches, Southwest. You used to be my favorite airline. Now? I kinda don’t like you at all.

Guess I should start looking at Jet Blue or Allegiant or something.