…And I Lived…Ever After

Da Goddess @ 15:47

The doctor survived the suture and drain removal!

Don’t laugh. It was a close one.

I won’t lie. The drain removal hurt like a mofo. I cried a tiny bit. Then I swore…just a wee bit. Times three. I hyperventilated a big bit. I clenched up my entire body a huge bit. And I spontaneously blathered odd animal facts an enormous bit. So, the doctor survived. As did I.

My incision looks good. The drain area will close in a day or two. And I shall never Never NEVER need a trauma surgeon ever again. I hope.

Good God, I’m glad that’s over.


My Parents Always Said I Had a Hard Head

Da Goddess @ 18:18

I now have proof of it. If I could post the pictures, I would. I’m currently the new favorite story for the trauma team at the local hospital.

No broken skull, thank God. But I do have 14cm (I think they said centimeters) of stitches, a drain, and half a head shaved. 24 hours later, I’m home and sporting a lovely dressing and am excited at the prospect of donning a shower cap so I can get cleaned up. Mud and some bison manure, plus lots of blood, need to go.

It’s been a very surreal 36 hours.

Still here, though! Still laughing. Gently. Too painful to do otherwise.


Buffalo Gal