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Da Goddess @ 06:00

LD and his friends were making up stories using the names of countries. This is what he wrote:

Oman, Kenya keep it Kuwait in here? I am Ghana get some sleep for I have Togo take my friend Chad to the dentist tomorrow because Egypt his tooth on a Congo drum that he threw at a Turkey that made a Sudan movement while he had to Singapore child to sleep. He is in some serious Spain after he Laos a Latvia a tooth and blood. So get Yemen away from us and if Ukraine your neck to look, you are out. Ok? … And if i have Tibet, i don’t think i can do anymore. … Mom, Jamaica me paranoid sometimes. … Belize dont do this to me. Isreal hard to come up with these and they will delay me from having to Pakistan into a box after it is so clean you cant find a Germany where. i Canda do this any more. there is just Norway.

Yes, this is what an almost 16 year old does for fun during the summer these days.

And he keeps going…something about carrying extra sugar so he can Sweden his coffee…


  1. Wow, kids are obviously smarter these days… I was content to read and ride my horse… ;)

    Comment by pam — 2012/08/12 @ 06:35

  2. Mad-libbing using the names of countries? That’s original.

    And isn’t he getting old enough to call BD instead of LD?

    Comment by diamond dave — 2012/08/12 @ 15:58

  3. LD isn’t necessarily smarter, I think he’s just weirder. :P I love this silly/smart part of him. He makes me proud. Mojo used to do the same sort of thing (before she got older and started working)

    As for the moniker of LD, I asked if we should change it to BD and he said “NO!!! I’m LD! I’ll always be LD!” and that was the end of discussion.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/08/13 @ 04:05

  4. Oh, yeah, Pam, I’ve tried to figure out how to fix or delete the smilies and can’t seem to manage. Got any ideas?

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/08/13 @ 04:05

  5. Fun stuff, and you can’t change his nickname. It’s HIS ….

    Comment by The Gray Monk — 2012/08/14 @ 03:54

  6. I know. I even asked him if he wanted a different nickname and he said NO! So it stays

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/08/19 @ 00:45

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