Two-fer Tuesday: Jan’s “Mellow Me Out” Edition

Musical Guest @ 04:00

Last week was a tough one, so I’m going for maximum relaxation and blood pressure reduction.

“Paulistana #1” was composed by Claudio Santoro (1919-1989), and is one of my favorite pieces of music. My only complaint about it is that it’s so short.

“The Vanished Gardens of Cordoba” is by Ray Lynch. Most of his music is strange in a New-Agey-hippy-dippy kind of way, but beautiful. This one is a little more accessible I think, and is accompanied by some really gorgeous photography which is as calming as the music.

Plus, a bonus track for those who like a cappella: Steeleye Span.

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Two-fer Tuesday: The Bee Gees and Tragedy

Musical Guest @ 07:11

I received an email from target=”_blank”>DaGoddess a couple weeks ago, inviting me to generate a guest post for her weekly Two-fer Tuesday series. It’s a running feature similar to our Turn It Up Tuesday column on THE BS BLOG. Truth to be told, it’s where I got the idea for Turn It Up Tuesday in the first place.

That being said, I thought I’d have a little fun with it…and being lazy, I’m using the same post for both DaGoddess and THE BS BLOG this week.

This week’s featured artist is Tragedy, an all-metal Bee Gees tribute band. These guys are a riot, and actually quite talented. I especially enjoyed their video for You Should Be Dancing, in which they parody almost every cliche of an 80’s heavy-metal rock band.

For comparison, I’ve included the original songs followed by Tragedy’s outstanding covers. Enjoy, and turn it up!

Nights On Broadway

You Should Be Dancing


Two-fer Tuesday: Pam Edition

Musical Guest @ 05:46

Da Goddess was probably surprised that I like Eminem, but he’s a compelling storyteller.

Who among us hasn’t had a painful relationship, one that ultimately went up in flames?

It was difficult to pick only two… The last one is about family and an epiphany of sorts…

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More Hell and Fewer Dahlias

Jan @ 04:00

“My advice to the women of America is to raise more hell and fewer dahlias.”  — William Allen White

Somehow, I think I have that backwards……

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Black Jade

Jan @ 04:00

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