Stories Told and Untold

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As we placed the flags upon the graves at Ft. Rosecrans this morning, it was as if thousands of silenced voices were suddenly calling out to tell their tales.

After most of the families had gone, Smash, Wayne, Little Dude, and I headed over to where one of Smash’s relatives was buried. Walking a few rows over, we came upon the graves of those killed in action in Iraq. One of them, Sgt. Rafael Peralta, was a man whose story we’d all heard. Smash said, “I don’t remember that one.” I told him I knew he’d written of the sergeant. And, yes, he had. The Danz Family has one of the best posts about this young man that goes beyond his actions as a heroic Marine, they tell the story of him as a man, a neighbor, a friend.

Again, these were warriors whose stories we knew.

Later, after Little Dude had left with his dad, Smash, Wayne, and I continued our walk through the cemetery. Part of me wanted to go home and curl up in bed. I was tired, my throat was scratchy, and my back was screaming with pain. Despite that, there was this feeling that I had to walk on. Something was calling me. So, we walked. And we walked.

Thousands upon thousands of the brave are buried at Ft. Rosecrans. Along with their families, they lie in graves marked only by a stone with little information. Who were they? What had their lives been like? Some have been gone a very long time. There is no one left to tell their tales.

Walking on, we talked about how wonderful it would be to have a database that allowed someone to read about the men, women, and children who fill our cemeteries. Their lives shouldn’t be forgotten. Everyone has a story. And, for those who wonder, their voices call to us from a distance greater than we will ever know. Listening with my heart, I heard them say “worry, not so much about who we were, instead, worry about who you are if you forget that we…just…were.”

Once a year, we honor our heroes as a nation. Every day we should honor them with our gratitude for the Freedoms we enjoy.

Taking the lyrics from R. L. Burnside’s “Eyesight to the Blind” and modifying them only slightly:

Oh, when she starts lovin’
She brings eyesight to the blind

I’d say instead, “When we start remembering, it’s like bringing eyesight to the blind”

May we not blind again.

Special thanks to Darcey of Dust My Broom for the reminder.

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Memorial Day

DaGoddess @ 15:33

Memorial Day weekend is upon us. This is a time when we pay tribute to those who have made great sacrifices so that freedom and security would be ours – then, now, and in the future.

When thinking of the heroes of the past, we should also consider the heroes of today. Those who continue to uphold the oath they took upon joining the military deserve our support and respect. Their families deserve the same. Not a single soldier, sailor, airman, or Marine is out there alone. With each comes a mother, father, brother, sister, spouse, and/or child.

Perhaps, as you take a moment to reflect upon the gifts we enjoy as Americans, you could write a note to ” Servicemember” and send it out right away. Include words of your gratitude and wishes for their safety.

No one serves without making sacrifices. Freedom isn’t free, as we all know. Our burden, as citizens, is to honor our warriors. We get a very light load when you consider what duties they have accepted.

This Memorial Day, ceremonies will be held across the nation to recognize our military men and women dating back to the beginning of America. Do your part. Say thank you. Stop in at a local cemetery and place a small flag on a veteran’s grave if no one else has. Look up at our flag with pride and respect. Send a letter or email.

Don’t let this weekend pass by without acknowledging the sacrifices our heroes have made.


DaGoddess @ 11:58

LeaveMyChildAlone.org is encouraging parents to throw a party and, essentially, gang up on school officials in an effort to keep military recruiters away from our kids.

If you don’t like the military, share your feelings with your kid. Otherwise, shut the hell up and let kids who are considering all their options have the opportunity to meet with recruiters from all branches of the military as well as the college folks who visit high schools all around the country.

I’m tired of a small group of people telling my children that the military is evil. I’m tired of these same folks blaming America and/or George Bush for everything wrong in the world.

Narrow-minded…that’s what they are. That’s why they no longer deserve to call themselves Liberals.

Call me “Irked” from now on.

And, Brenda? You’ll have to go to the page to post now.



DaGoddess @ 20:42

They say “he who hesitates is lost.” That describes me to a “t” these days.

Everything’s always up in the air because of my back.

I had fully intended to head out to Vegas for a day to see Joe Bonamassa, but because I’ve been waiting on doctors and everything else, I can no longer afford a silly plane ticket. A road trip wouldn’t be so bad – I could stop and walk and stretch, but my car cannot be trusted on a trip like that. Plus there’s no stereo and that would just plain suck.

Adding insult to injury, the IRS did a double withdrawal from my account, with no rush on a refund. They love taking the money, but putting it back? Forget it.

Some days you just shouldn’t get out of bed.

I know it sounds silly that I’d even talk about this trip with my back and all, but the way things are going, it would be my last hurrah prior to surgery. (No, I don’t have a date yet…but I will shortly.)

Frustration abounds.

And the coughing boy awaits.

Oh well, it’s a distraction of sorts.

Boo Boo Face

DaGoddess @ 12:26

Little Dude and I have been curled up on the sofa all morning. Fever unrelieved by ibuprofen, cough, you know the drill. He has major boo boo face, smiling only at the most absurd.

To pass the time. we’ve been watching Animal Planet and – get this – Ernest In The Army. We’re on to MacGyver now. The fun just never ends around here.

Such is the life of a goddess. All glamour, all the time.


Paris Kerfuffle

DaGoddess @ 09:23

Well, some people in California got their knickers in a twist over the Jr. ad featuring Paris Hilton. They’re claiming the ad extremely offensive, claiming the ad is little more than soft-core porn.

The commercial shows Hilton vamping in a revealing swimsuit as she soaps and rinses a black Bentley. She also takes a bite out of a Carl’s Jr. hamburger. The commercial ends with Hilton’s signature tag line, “that’s hot.”

To me, the only thing offensive about the commercial is that we’re supposed to believe that Paris actually eats, let alone is eating something from Carl’s. And her actually washing a car?? Ridiculous. As if!

Aren’t her 15 minutes up already?

Speaking of Paris, excuse me while I go scrape lizard guts off my patio. Seems I ran over a lizard that had taken refuge under my garbage can the other night.

The Blues Makes Me Feel So Good

DaGoddess @ 02:23

In a move that could only fall under the category of “HFS!”, I lost an entire database this weekend.

I was in the process of entering gigs for our local blues society and was well into the 200’s (that’s a lot of emails and data entry) when everything went crazy. Now, keep in mind, this had taken me days of work because of the old back. For me to lose everything was adding insult to injury, you know?

So there I sat, on the verge of tears. The database with all the bands and venues – GONE. All the new stuff I’d added? GONE.

Normally, I’d just throw on a CD and let the music ease my troubled mind. So I did. While I waited for another database to be emailed to me, I thought about how much joy working with the blues society has brought me. I’ve become reacquainted with an old friend, made many new friends, and listened to some fabulous music. Getting involved has provided me with a great deal of comfort while I’ve been stuck in my holding pattern.

The database was finally emailed to me, I reconstructed everything (except possibly…one lost event), my supply of Vicodin has diminished a bit, but I feel pretty good about getting it done on time. In addition to all that, I had enough energy and clarity to include a “note” for the month. All on time.

To add to my delight for the day, I took a short drive out to see my artist buddy. In the short time since I was last there, he’s managed to complete several paintings, framed his first gallery showing poster (it’s a work of art itself), did a local art show, and, the angel that he is, he showed some of my photos to people who know people, if you know what I mean. The feedback was very positive.

As I was talking to another friend last night, I mentioned how many positive things have happened for me since I hurt my back. I’m beginning to believe this injury might be more of a blessing than a curse. Only time will tell, right?

So, after all my frustration and anxiety over the calendar this weekend, things turned out rather pleasant. The majority of it related to my love of music and my involvement with this group. For a change, I felt damn good. Sometimes it takes a major “HFS” moment to help you put things into perspective and make you appreciate all the gifts you can find if you choose to open yourself to them. Damn. I may ride this high for a few days yet. I’m in fine spirits for a change. It’s about time, too.

So, yeah, the blues makes me feel so good.



DaGoddess @ 01:28

Albert Cummings

Albert Cummings


DaGoddess @ 00:58

Tommy Castro

Tommy Castro


DaGoddess @ 00:47

Lafayette 37

Lafayette Falkquay – second generation bluesman. Raw, energetic, and charismatic.

Bill Magee

DaGoddess @ 00:39

Bill Magee 131

Youthful Exuberance

DaGoddess @ 00:15

The Blues Makes Me Feel So Good


Blues Mama in Green

DaGoddess @ 23:58

Blues Mama 56

The music moved her. No walker was going to hold her back. She was a vision of pure joy and ageless beauty. I spoke with her daughter and was told, “she won’t stop dancing until the good Lord tells her to.”

entry for “Green”


Model Behavior

DaGoddess @ 17:39

Some models are patient and give you all they have to give. But, each of us are prone to fatigue and the occasional bout of ill temper.

Since he’s had such a bad time of it this past month, I wanted to do something special for my dad. It was portrait time. Portraits of his beloved, of course.

The day started off okay, but rapidly deteriorated.

See for yourself (some images may not be suitable for younger viewers. Click with extreme caution.)



Photo Time

DaGoddess @ 22:40

From Gator By The Bay – May 7th and 8th – this gentleman was performing with The Bill Magee Blues Band. I don’t know his name…yet. (Jasper Austin is the name.)

Harp 119

Harp 124

Tambourine 127

There will be more photos from Gator posted. Stay tuned!