Neil Armstrong: The Eagle Has Landed; 1930-2012

Da Goddess @ 02:37

I remember the excitement in our home as we gathered around the television to watch the historic moon landing. It was big news for us! Down near the airport in Cleveland was a NASA wind tunnel. I would always crane my neck from the back seat of the car as we’d drive by, imagining myself someday floating into space and discovering new worlds, getting to know ours better from a different perspective, and just generally going where no man, and certainly no woman had thus far been allowed to train to go.

I wanted to be the one to discover a heretofore unknown and unseen planet. I wanted to conduct experiments in space. I wanted to boldly go where Neil Armstrong had gone. I wanted to spend “two hours and 21 minutes” literally walking in his famous footsteps.

Armstrong was, to me, adventurous, kind, loving, curious, intelligent, daring, BOLD!, so very handsome, and the sort of man who looked as though he’d be the perfect father and then I’d change my mind six seconds later, believing he’d be a better husband. (Yes, I was 3 and I stilll looking for my future husband — I took my fairy tales quite seriously!) He was the first American civilian to orbit the earth

Sadly, Neil Armstrong died from complications following heart surgery. He was 82.

Aug. 5, 1930 – Aug. 25, 2012
Godspeed, dreamer and doer of daring deeds


  1. End of an era. Fair winds and following seas, sir.

    Comment by pam — 2012/08/28 @ 09:11

  2. Amen

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/08/28 @ 10:07

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