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DaGoddess @ 20:07

…because I’m not renewing my domain name (honestly, I have more pressing expenses, right?), I’m going to use my “insecure browser” (I think they mean unsecure or non-secure or even outdated…but insecure? What? It wasn’t popular in middle school and now it has a variety of self-esteem issues causing it to act out?) and start blogging over at

I’m trying to get it set up before this place disappears, so check there for me if you’re even remotely curious as to what I’m up to.

In other news, last night I attempted to make cheesy broccoli chicken and rice. Sadly, I had no chicken or broccoli. The cheese was courtesy of a spare packet of mac ‘n’ cheese cheese, if that makes sense.

Yeah, I think I’m getting blonder. Or having mini-strokes, which is entirely possible given the dizziness and spots before my eyes and all. Nah. Let’s just go with superblonde, okay?



DaGoddess @ 07:15

Thank you,

Pam helped me fix whatever the hell happened when I tried using the wordpress backup plugin. Apparently when I tried to use the plugin it FUBAR’d the site so that I couldn’t even get to my dashboard. And then Pam walked me through the fix.

Thank you, girlfriend! You rock mightily.



DaGoddess @ 08:00

Let’s all not even bother to pretend we’re not wondering who this actor is in the new Captain Morgan commercials, m’kay?

Captain Morgan ads

He looks a little like Johnathan Hillstrand, yes, but he has a little something extra about him that makes me say “rooowwr!”

Just one of the three current Captain commercials available.


PSA #129,871,843

DaGoddess @ 17:29

Just so you know, once you’ve caffeinated…only time can put that genie back in its bottle.

MTNLNS and Boobie-thon

DaGoddess @ 00:12

Mountain lines, not to be confused with mountain lions…or maybe yes.

Anyhow, for lack of a better title, that’s what I’m going with.

Been a bad blogger. I didn’t post about LD’s 15th birthday, which was Monday, but I did talk with him and we chatted on Fb. Also, I didn’t link to boobiethon as I should have. I’d volunteered and then let the ball drop because I’ve had lots of stuff happening here. Been too busy with interviewing for a job I really want to get around to posting on this site or editing photos for them.

Basically, it’s the 10th and final year for Boobie-thon so go make a donation! – it’s a good cause, lend a hand and a couple bucks and everyone will feel good.

Also, in the middle of backing up the blog because I’ll be moving to a standard wp site soon. Can’t see the financial benefit to maintaining this site with my own domain any longer.

So there’s my catch up post. I’m off to backup and get the ball rolling.