San Diego is Cool and Other Fun Stories

Da Goddess @ 01:32

Seriously, SD is cool right now. Temperature-wise. Tomorrow (errrrr, today) we might get rain. I’m up for that! Nice break from the heat in Vegas!

So, that out of the way, let’s get to the update about my mom: Very long day today, but it was worth it. My mom’s doc is pleased with her improvement and now we start moving toward a thyroid lesion biopsy (a new fun thing!), a very likely surgery to remove part of her stomach (the erosive portion is focalized and can be excised), her kidneys aren’t trying to shut down anymore, and she had more blood drawn. After all that (!!!) we stopped in a cancer society resale shop where my sister volunteers. My mom got excited to see friends and ooh and aah over merch. A walk thru drug store was just as fun. Got home, she napped, I ran errands, cleaned house, and am now going to bed. We’ve all earned our rest tonight. Please keep praying! Thanks!

Purchased at the American Cancer Society Discovery Store: 1) 1 long sleeve t-shirt for my mom for $3.60. 2) 1 hardback book I’ve wanted to read for a while for $2.70. Bonus, I can get through the book in two days and leave it for my mom and sister to read after me. 3) 1 birthday card for my mom’s July birthday $0.22. Then my mom found a GREAT necklace for $6 and my sister bought it for her. Made my mom very happy.

I’m really, truly going to bed now. I’m pooped.


Amish: Out of Order

Da Goddess @ 00:09

Is anyone else watching this show? I am fascinated on an almost scary level by this show. I love the story of how Mose examines his life, helps other ex-Amish, reaches out to his Amish family with hope and a bit of trepidation, and yet, he maintains his own path in life. I respect him very much for that.

But there’s more to the show than just Mose. There are other people who are considering changing their lives…maybe BECOMING Amish, or taking on careers that the Amish would have no love for, and the weight all these decisions have on the people making them.

I’m totally obsessed with this show now and I don’t know what to do. I need a support group or something. Help!


Where Are My Servants?

Da Goddess @ 00:07

I thought I had some milling about. Oh, wait, that’s usually ME milling about. Yes, I forgot. But, I do think it would be nice to have at least one servant to help me (whinge whinge whine here) pack for my trip home to see my mom. Honestly, I don’t even know what I’m going to pack. I’ve gone through six pairs of socks in the last week (blown the heels right outta them) and my underwear seems to have suspiciously reduced itself to 8 pairs. I suppose there may be more in the box in the corner I have yet to unpack. And maybe more in the box in the garage that’s way up high beyond my reach. Either way, I have very little in the way of wearable in public type clothing anymore. I have one pair of capris that don’t fall off me right away when I put them on. I have three shirts that are serviceable. And one pair of pants I just reclaimed and decided I love above all other pieces of clothing.

Losing weight is great, but not when it comes to needing clothes. I just don’t fit into anything at this point and I sorta need to.

Anyhow, that’s just my way of procrastinating on my packing and unpacking that must be finished by 09:00 tomorrow morning. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

In other hysterical news, I ate 3.75 ounces of caramel creams and am now ready to puke. (See, I was thinking they’d help me fit into my “fat” pants. No such luck.)

I try. I really do.


Latest Word on Mom

Da Goddess @ 02:22

My mom is spending yet another night at the hospital after a day of low blood pressure and low oxygen levels. She’s also suffering from some horrible abdominal pain. I worry about the low bp and O2 levels because those could be indicators that her lungs are getting a bit weighted down with fluid. That’s not unheard of after two transfusions.

Thankfully, she remains in the best hospital in San Diego with the best docs and nurses at her side.

Please continue praying for her!


I’m Stuffed!

Da Goddess @ 00:32

The bosslady took me out to one of the casino buffets for lunch (Silverton Casino) and the baby came along. We all ate way WAY too much. But it was soooooo damn good, it was tough to stop.

After coming home, the baby took a three hour+ nap and was still tired. I don’t blame him. I drifted off for a few minutes here and there, but sleep was not my friend.

Still trying to get back to SD this coming week. It feels imperative. My gut, the stuffed one, has been saying it all along. It’s time to fly home for a few days.

Of course, before I go, I have a whole cake to devour. Anyone want some? Red velvet cake from Costco. YUMMMMMMY!

Update on Mom

Da Goddess @ 00:25

She’s been given two more units of blood, had a chest xray, an echocardiogram (major blood loss can cause serious dysrrhythmias and other issues), her endoscopy, more blood tests, and she’s mad that she has to stay at least one more night. I’m just glad she’s at a great hospital (the one I worked at and have been a patient at) with great care providers all around.

Please continue praying for her. Mom has a lot more healing to do!

Thank you so much for all the prayers you’ve sent her way already, they mean the world to us!


More Prayers, Please

Da Goddess @ 01:00

My mom was admitted to the hospital yesterday with an active gastric bleed. She’d started off with her already too low hemoglobin at 6.5 and within a couple hours was down to 5.9. (Avg range 12-14.) So, something major is going on.

She’s being transfused with a couple units of blood overnight and will undergo an endoscopy tomorrow today. I’ve asked my sister to push the docs to biopsy the bleeding area and to also get them to run bloodwork for a CEA, CA-19.9, DR-70, CA-125…something, anything to determine if there’s some sort of cancer causing this amount of bleeding over the past four years. All too often, G.I. bleeds are treated as just that and not investigated further, leading to missing cancer that spreads quickly and rather invasively to lymph nodes and major organs. I’m praying that’s not what’s going on, but I’d rather be safe than sorry. My friend’s dad went through this very same course of treatment only to find later that it was a gastro-intestinal cancer that metastisized rapidly and left him with all of 2 weeks to say goodbye to his family. I don’t want that happening here.

My fingers are crossed that we’re not looking at anything that horrible, though what my mom is going through is serious enough on its own. Please pray that she will make a quick recovery.

Also, I’m looking to get back to San Diego next week for a couple days, so if anyone has flight vouchers they could donate, it’d be greatly appreciated. I refuse to not be there this time around, even if it’s only for a couple days.

Thank you for all the loving thoughts and prayers I know you’ll send her way!


Da Goddess @ 00:01

Today I am 46.

src=”http://dagoddess.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/ronben-israelsm.jpg” alt=”Chef Ron Ben-Israel” title=”Chef Ron Ben-Israel, I don’t care if he’s gay, I love him” width=”200″ height=”300″ style=”float:right; margin:10px; border:3px solid black;”/>Please send cake. Not chocolate cake (I’m over chocolate cake for now)…just…cake. Red velvet. Spice cake (not carrot cake). Lemon cake. A nice white cake works. And buttercream frosting. Lots of it. Or just send Ron Ben-Israel. I <3 him! He could make me a magical cake. Chocolate as a candy is always nice, but Atomic Fireballs are better. A pallet of them and caramel cream candies, please. With a case of M&M plain thrown in. And a pallet of however many cases of 5HR Energy Drink make up that pallet. Cuz I've discovered I am much more willing to run around and play choo choo with an emotional stylist of a child (and at 15 months, they're all emotional stylists) if I've knocked back my tiny bottle of "now I feel good and ready for anything!" drink. A CAR! Nothing fancy. Four wheels. Room enough to sit four, plus fit camera/music gear. Registered. Ready to drive. Cuz you do know what happened to my car, right? (We'll save that story for another day. Too depressing.) Money is good, too. Round trip tickets to Australia. No? Would you go for Portland? I ALWAYS accept cameras (7D or 5D Mark II) and lenses (I'll even take a cheapo $100 50mm 1.8 lens, and an inexpensive wide lens would be appreciated). Always. Without exception. (I shoot Canon.) Ending hunger. Creating world peace. Those are also rather nice gifts. I suppose the jewelry Charlize is sporting is out of the question, but if you all go in on it together, I’d like the entire set. That bracelet alone makes me want to just weep it’s so beautiful. And emeralds are, after all, May’s birthstone.

If you still don’t see anything upon this list yet that you’d actually get me, here’s a couple other things I have a hankerin’ for:

Frankie…dear, dear Frankie…Frank Fritz…my dream date! Any man who makes a living doing what I grew up doing with my folks is okay by me.

Frank Fritz

RJ Haddy, the artist…not the one in makeup

RJ Haddy

or Schmidt from New Girl, although Nick would also be acceptable

or a classic

Ferguson's bday was yesterday so this is a gift for both of us

or could this get any sillier?

I still adore him!

or the now graying LeBlanc

Matt LeBlanc How you doin'

and, yes, one of each please. While Gubler is slightly too young, he’s funny as hell, and adorbs, and Shemar, c’mon! Who wouldn’t hit that?

Yes, one of each, please

Take your pick from the list (I kept it short…on the guy side, at least). No need to rush. Except with the camera gear, the guy, the car, and some sweets (gotta stay nourished on our little trip…) oh yeah! A trip to someplace sunny and beachy would be lovely (although, again, Portland would be sweet for July 4th if Australia’s out)! I only get to be 46 for 365 days.

So celebrate with me! Let’s get our party on!


I’m Going to Take That as a Compliment

Da Goddess @ 01:07

The subject of the email was constructed thusly:

Da Goddess, The Holy Grail of Sex

I’m going to believe these psychics know me and have determined I am, indeed, the Holy Grail of Sex.

Fair enough, don’t you think?


10 Years of Da Goddess – Can You Believe It?

Da Goddess @ 00:01

I can’t believe it’s been ten years since I started blogging. It was such a crazy little endeavor that has been – at times – my very reason to get out of bed, my reason to curse, my reason to cry and rip my hair out in clumps, it’s brought me love, it’s brought me joy, it’s brought me sorrow, but mostly it’s been a way for me express myself…and a damn good way for me to make friends.

There have been many times I was ready to just hang it all up and walk away. I know people who have done that. But they’re stronger than I am and I’m just a little bit addicted to the connection I have to the few of you who stop by and read occasionally.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for commenting. Thank you for supporting my craziness. And thank you for your friendship — the most important part of this whole shebang.

Honestly, I never thought I’d still be at this at the ten year mark. So, grab a glass of whatever beverage you most enjoy wherever you are right now and have a drink with me.

TEN YEARS! And, here’s to how ever many more that are gifted to me by the muses!

Now go back to work.

P.S. I love you guys and gals!


Protected: Things I Desperately Want to Say

Da Goddess @ 23:59

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Mother’s Day and My Mom and Maurice Sendak

Da Goddess @ 00:01

I just started watching the documentary Tell Them Anything You Want: A Portrait of Maurice Sendak on (not realizing Sendak had just died on May 8). It made me sad discovering this news.

Sendak was as much a part of my young literary life as Dr. Seuss, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Julie Campbell/Kathryn Kenny (Trixie Belden books, of course), but he also carried far into my adult life as well. I credit my mother with this.

It never failed, when I got sick, I wanted chicken soup with rice. And I wanted my Chicken Soup With Rice book — as a child and as an adult! When I was a kid, my mom always read the book to me. It was the sound of the words heard and felt as I leaned my fevered brow against her chest that was as soothing as the soup itself. Once I grew up, I usually just settled for reciting it in my head, “sipping once, sipping twice, sipping chicken soup with rice…” because that’s what you do when the words settle in your heart over the years. Sendak’s work had/has that power. A mother’s love has that power, too.

I still see, too, every creature from Where The Wild Things Are and the bakers in In The Night Kitchen. So, too, do I see the illustrations within the pages of Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present – those were his. And there are many more books that hold his words and images that I recognize in an instant and suddenly hear the story telling itself to me within my memory (often in my mother’s voice).

They were truly two of the greatest of my mother’s gifts to me: reading and imagination. They are the two greatest gifts any mother can give her children aside from love. Reading can inform imagination, imagination can enhance one’s reading, and the combination of the two can take a child anywhere in the world and/or beyond!

So, tonight I sit here, waiting for my laundry to rinse and spin, perhaps magically find its way into the dryer and then fold itself, that I find myself watching a documentary on a man with whom my mother and I spent many afternoons and evenings. While his life is, sadly, over now, his legacy lives on as I recall those very special days with the woman who gave me life and gave me the power to dream. I think it’s very fitting somehow. As well, the tradition carried forward with me and my own children, with other children for whom I’ve tended over the years. Good gifts like those are the best and easiest to share with everyone you can.

Thank you, Mom! Thank you for taking the time to start me down a path filled with curiosity and imagination and books and painting and creativity of all sorts. Thank you for introducing me to the works of Maurice Sendak. Thanks for not getting too angry when I acted a bit like Max or even one of the Wild Things. Thank you for creating a world wherein it was possible for me to dream and create on my own, with all these wonderful resources at my fingertips.

I’m sure I could have stumbled upon Sendak’s books on my own and all the other books I eventually read, but without my mother, I couldn’t fully appreciate them. She opened the door to the Room of Wonder for me and allowed me to roam about freely. She opened the door to the Room of Creativity and let me express myself in pencil, chalk, paint, photographs, writing, singing, storytelling (to dolls, guinea pigs, really anything that got caught in my path). All the good that has come from that is part of the many gifts she gave to me.

I managed to mess things up entirely on my own, but that, too, was another gift — sometimes you have to make mistakes and learn lessons on your own in order to get it right the next time (or the time after that). She trusted in me and had faith that I would find my way. As crazy as it sounds, I think she was right and I didn’t turn out all that terrible.

Thank you, Mom! I love you so very much. Thank you for everything, but mostly for your love and faith in me, for the encouragement, for teaching me to love reading, for teaching me that imagination is a necessary component in life, as is pursuing dreams, no matter how crazy they are.

Thanks, too, to Maurice Sendak, for giving kids’ fears and dreams a voice, for being both subtle and bold at the same time, and for creating works of art that will continue to be passed down through many more generations. Rest in peace, Mr. Sendak.

Mom, don’t you go getting any ideas! You’re sticking around for a while longer yet!


RIP Michael Burks

Da Goddess @ 02:19

src=”http://dagoddess.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/MichaelBurks_MG_0386a-500×750.jpg” alt=”Michael Burks” title=”MichaelBurks_MG_0386a” width=”500″ height=”750″ class=”alignnone size-large wp-image-3683″ />

I truly enjoyed the music Michael “Iron Man” Burks made and I truly enjoyed him as a person. He was sweet, very kind, a true gentleman, and just an all-around great guy.

He died Sunday after suffering a heart attack. He’d just returned to the States after his tour in Europe; in fact, he suffered the heart attack in the airport in Atlanta. Burks was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

The world hasn’t just lost another great bluesman, the world has lost another great man. My condolences to his family and close friends. I will choose to remember him as a funny and charming man who is responsible for making me laugh often and for me meeting one of the best friends I’ve ever had.

Michael Burks

Michael Burks and Me during a break


Choosing Nikka

Da Goddess @ 03:07

…cuz I can…

…and cuz Nikka makes me laugh…

…and she can make me weep…and think…and want to write…and sing…