10th Grade?

Da Goddess @ 22:23

I can’t believe LD is old enough to be a sophomore in high school. What happened? Where did the time go?

Today was his first day of school. We spent 35 minutes on the phone talking about his classes and his teachers, as well as the new puppy being so excited to see him after school that he was pounced upon the minute he walked in the door. Don’t know why only one of the pups did that, but as long as one of them did that’s all that really matters. Made him happy!

After all that, LD went with my dad to cruise night. They’ve been going every week for a few weeks now, I guess. I know my dad is very glad to have the time with him and LD is having fun hanging out with his grandfather. Even though I’m not there to witness it, I can feel in my heart that it’s a wonderful thing. I think my dad is starting to feel like he has to get in as much time as he can with the kids because he’s “getting too damn old” (his words, not mine). I know that’s normal — I just don’t like thinking about it. Again, I’m glad both of them are diggin’ their time together. Makes me happy to know they have this opportunity, you know?

And now I’m feeling older than dirt thinking about the fact that I have one kid who’s in 10th grade and another who’s going to…college. It doesn’t seem possible since I can still remember my high school days (most of them, anyway) with alarming clarity.

Oh well.

Here’s hoping LD loves school as much in a month as he did today. And here’s hoping your kids or grandkids have a great school year!


  1. Still be a couple years at least before we have to worry about AJ in school. But he did just turn three, so time is slipping away faster than I like. And I am having regrets about not being around for 18 months to see him through his early babyhood.

    Comment by diamond dave — 2012/08/23 @ 05:50

  2. LD is such a great kid; bet he’ll have a wonderful school year and make you even prouder -if there is such a thing! ;)

    Comment by pam — 2012/08/23 @ 09:22

  3. Pam, I’m super proud of both kids. I’m constantly amazed at what wonderful people they are…in spite of me and their dad. lol

    Dave, don’t regret doing what you needed to do to provide for your family. Sometimes the hardest choices yield the greatest rewards and are appreciated so much more.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/08/23 @ 10:18

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