I Would Wrap Your Presents In Manta Claus Paper

Da Goddess @ 02:03

If I were giving gifts this year, I would wrap your presents in Claus paper. I would, indeed.

If I were to give you the gift of music, I would send you directly to Greg Nagy where you could download his fine album.

Were I to include a single video for the Holidays, I would include my favorite:

And if I were given to proclamations of the joyous sort, I would wish each and every single one of you a happy, loving, Christmas, Hanukkah (or the spelling of your choosing), Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Winter Solstice, etc.

With that, I am off to cook for people who are not my blood family but for whom I am helping to keep close together, while missing mine…and I will be calling my family later this weekend to let them know how much I love and miss them so incredibly. Next year, though, I’m THERE. Without fail.

May you find extra hope, faith, joy,friendship, love, and laughter amongst your gifts this year.


Guess What I’m Doing For Christmas?

Da Goddess @ 23:32


Yep. You betcha. The family I work for has been trying to close on their new house and the very kind people at the mortgage company have stalled and stalled so that we get to move Christmas weekend.

I don’t mind the moving part that much. I won’t have to do any lifting. I’ll help clean the new place and unpack, but everything else is being done by other people. I’m happy that I’ll be able to get the rest of my belongings that have been stored at friends’ homes. But I’m bummed that this delay (which we had no idea how long it would last) has meant that Little Dude’s visit couldn’t be scheduled and, thus, I have no way to bring him out for the week after Christmas as we’d hoped.

So, I’m missing LD and my Mojo and the rest of my family. Things have been hectic around here and Christmas cards/gifts aren’t going to be sent until after Christmas. That’s just the way it goes, I guess.

LD has been extremely awesome about the change in plans. We talked twice today, the first while he was at my mom’s baking cookies (chocolate with ancho chiles amongst others, which he says he loooooves), and then again after he got back to his dad’s house. He heard the baby in the background and asked if it was a cat. “No, that’s the baby.” “Oh, he sounded like a cat.” Then the baby started babbling, as babies are wont to do, and LD giggled. “Okay, he sounds like a baby now. He sounds cute, too. I can’t wait to meet him.” Oh, my dear son, I can’t wait for you to meet him, too. I know they’ll get along great. LD is a baby whisperer of sorts. Kids of all ages love him. Soon, my son, soon. February.

And there you have my grand plans for Christmas. What do you have going on?


Two-Fer Tuesday: Jack Tempchin’s Wicked Little Weasel and Other Thoughts

Da Goddess @ 06:00

I love Jack Tempchin. You do, too. I know you do.

Bonus video:

This was one of my favorite songs when I was a kid.


Whatever Happened To Saturday Night?

Da Goddess @ 06:00

I just want to go on record as saying I think Desperado was The Eagles’ best ever album. Hotel California is a close second, but Desperado was just so lyrically and musically magical that I almost can’t bear the harmonies when I hear them. They make me want to weep in absolute pleasure over their sweetness. Take “Saturday Night”.  Listen to that mandolin and the yearning in earnest (as if there were any other sort of yearning)…it’s simple, it’s complex, it’s gorgeous! And “Doolin’ Dalton”.  And “Desperado” itself. Tell me those songs don’t pull at your heartstrings and make you envision a time when you could just be wrapped in someone’s arms, slow dancin’ and praying the night could last forever.

Why there aren’t any Eagles vids for “Saturday Night” on YouTube, I haven’t a clue. Plenty of covers, but nary an actual Eagles version.

That’s all. Nothing else of significance here.


Highly Quotable

Da Goddess @ 00:48

Imagine reading an article about a musician you once supported with great zeal and halfway through the piece you see a quote taken from an interview you did with said musician.

Yep. Just happened. The part about Home Depot. The interview was in 2006. We had a falling out right about that time. Okay, exactly at that time. And many tried to squelch any posting of links to that interview on Blogcritics because it was done by me.  Yet it gets quoted on Gibson’s website.



Ironic, ain’t it, Stu?


Lost My Head

Da Goddess @ 02:57

Let’s skip the sad, angry bit of how it all came about and just get right down to it, shall we? I’ve lost my head.

My beautiful clear glass head which was to hold all sorts of things for a series of images I’ve wanted to do now for two years. So, if you find a clear glass head (human sized), for rather cheap, please let me know right away! Post something in the comments and I’ll email you back quickly.

I do know that Pier 1 has some for around $20. I may go that route since that’s where I got my last head. This new one seems a bit “delicate” though. I want something more rugged or at least a little beat up. Character is everything. Like this target=”_blank”>woman’s head on ebay. I like the amber. And the hairstyle. Color me weird.



Feeling Violated

Da Goddess @ 03:12

Currently so fucking constipated that my ass feels violated. I’ve been trying everything.

I’m hoping it all “comes out” in the morning.

Like that damn dachshund I dropped after my lower back surgery years ago.

‘cept I’m not hearing any barking. Just me groaning and feeling generally miserable.

This is what you get when you move into a new place and bathrooms are in short supply. Once we get moved, I’ll have my own. Thank God.