The Oscars Sucked

Da Goddess @ 02:14

I’m all for awarding circus poodles for their performances. Let’s face it, life is pretty boring without the movies, TV, or music. Who cares if the performers are people we like or if we even bothered to see half the movies that are nominated. But, you know what? At least give those of us at home a decent host.

Scott Marks of the San Diego Reader was pretty spot on with assessment of Sunday’s show:

Last night’s show was indefensible; a modern day Joe Barbera riding herd over a three-and-a-half hour orgy of inanimate self-veneration. It’s bad enough that MacFarlane turned the Academy Awards into an infomercial complete with industrial musical numbers, Seth fancies himself a song and dance man, too. At times I was not sure if I was tuned to Oscar or Tony. A tribute to big screen musicals produced over the past ten years only helped to illuminate how far the once mighty genre has fallen.

I don’t watch Family Guy. The little of it that I have seen is nothing I’ve found funny. Seth MacFarlane himself is fine when I’ve seen him on the Late Late Show or whatever, but that’s at most a ten minute segment. Three plus hours is too much.

I was smart to not watch more than dribs and drabs of the show as it aired. (Hey, The Amazing Race was on and I’m not even that big a fan of it!) I should have rewatched Princess Bride and laughed at something that was actually funny.

The Academy owes the movie-watching/loving public much better than what they gave them Sunday night. That’s the least Hollywood can do after they’ve taken so much hard-earned money from our tightly clenched fists.

Also, if I never see Anne Hathaway in anything ever again, it’ll be too soon. That speech of hers? Yeah, THAT’S what should have earned an award. She pole danced her little heart out for that statue and I was over her right around The Devil Wears Prada time.

Don’t even get me started about the First Lady giving an award. Unless it’s IN a movie, I don’t want my politics and entertainment mixing, thankyouverymuch.

Aaaand, scene.


Monday Memories: The Fashionista

Da Goddess @ 06:46

Dig my style! Those awesome sunglasses! Am I a vision or what?

When I was stylish


Meatloaf Recipe

Da Goddess @ 04:45

For those who might not have seen this in the comments section, here’s my no-fail meatloaf recipe (play with it and make it yummily yours!):

1 lb ground beef (no less than 15% fat…you need that fat for flavoring but most of it bakes out)

1 lb mild Italian sausage (if you have slightly more sausage than beef, that’s perfectly fine)

2 eggs (large)

2 slices bread (I use wheat, with crusts)

1/2 cup milk (I use 1% or non-fat but any is fine)

1/4 c finely chopped green pepper

1/4 c finely chopped onion

1/2 tsp ground pepper

1/2 tsp garlic salt (or a bit more if you prefer)

1 good squeeze of ketchup (approx 1 tbsp)

2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce

2 small plastic baggies (for your hands because they’ll get really goopy and cold otherwise. And while I don’t mind the goopy part, I hate the frozen hand part)

Mix everything well. It helps to soak the bread in the milk before adding it to the mixture because the milk softens the crust and the makes the bread wonderfully squishy.

Once all ingredients are mixed thoroughly, glop the whole thing into a loaf pan and bake at 350 for about an hour. Before I put the pan in the oven, I sprinkle the top with more pepper and garlic salt. If I can get everything seasoned well enough during the making process, I don’t have to worry about seasoning once it’s on the plate.

Let me know if you try the recipe and how you liked it!


Monday Memories

Da Goddess @ 06:47

From the early 70s: my mom, little sister, me, and my big sister.

My family from 1970s



Da Goddess @ 06:05

On my list of pet peeves:


My dad has a shampoo bottle from the local dollar store. On the back, the label claims the shampoo will work on the following hair types: fine, normal. The other hair type listed? Dry. Let’s get something straight here: you can have fine, dry hair. You can have fine, normal hair. You can also have fine, oily hair. Fine refers to the thickness of hair (fine or coarse…or fine or thick — either works). Dry, normal, and oily refer to the oil content of hair. The bar graph on the back of the bottle shouldn’t have tried to combine two things that didn’t go together and pretend they did.

Now, on to my dad’s hair gel. Yes, he has hair gel. He likes his hair to stay where he wants it. Anyhow, his hair gel claims it’ll make hair and scalp tingle with its overwhelming freshness. Ummm…hair doesn’t tingle. Your scalp can tingle because it has nerve endings all over it. However, hair strands do NOT have nerve endings. If they did, we’d all be in massive pain whenever we got haircuts, blow dried or curled our hair, and even just had the wind whip it around. So, no…the gel cannot make one’s hair tingly.

My rant, for now, is done.

Please feel free to add your label misfires to this list.



Da Goddess @ 04:44

That crazy cracker, Rob, would have been 61 today.

I don’t know about you, but I miss him. I find myself thinking, often, of what he’d be writing if he were still with us. I know he’d have some choice words about everything.

His absence hit me especially hard the other day when I heard Jim Croce’s “Operator”. Just seemed like a song written specifically for his broken heart.

I hope wherever Rob happens to be is a place where he is free of heartache and physical pain. He was a complicated man with a beautiful soul.

Happy birthday, my friend.


Meaningful? I Doubt It

Da Goddess @ 15:17

I truly intended to have something deep and thoughtful posted here today. I just fell way short. WAAAAAAY short. But I decided I’m okay with my failure to blog contenty-rich content. Instead, I’ve used my two cups of jasmine green tea buzz to do laundry and clean and make croutons and bread crumbs. In 80 degree weather.

The house smells yummy.

Last night, I made meatloaf. The house smelled yummy then, too.

As for Valentine’s Day, I got a hand delivered card and two kisses from one of my dearest friends. And a double handful of Valentine texts. Sent a lot of those myself. The texts, that is.

Oh yeah, after my doctor appointment the other day I had an interview. I think it went well. FINGERS CROSSED! And then I went to the mall to exchange some Christmas gifts. (Hey, this is quick for me, considering it took me until JUNE last year!) Best find: adorable blouse for $22 — it was basically a tank with a poncho. Totally not something I’d ever thought of trying on or getting in the past, however, it fit me well and looked super cute. I didn’t get it though because the BETTER find was a bra for $5 (yes! It was an awesome bra that fit me perfectly) and three pairs of panties for $2 each. Also, I managed to find a pair of earrings for $4. Plus, I used a bit of my credit to get my dad the right sized pan he needed. It was a bit more expensive than the one I returned but now he has the right one and he’s happy. Wish I could have done all that AND the blouse. Oh well. I’m hoping the Good Fairy drops it my path again at some point.

And now we return you to your regularly scheduled programming.


Call Me Baby

Da Goddess @ 06:47

Found this photo of baby me with my mom, my dad, and my big sister. My dad’s beard (ain’t it somethin’??) was grown special for the big sesquicentennial celebration in town.

Baby me

Yeah, 1966. Oh so long ago.


Ya Think?

Da Goddess @ 18:47

I’m a horrible blogger. Really, truly horrible.

It’s not because I don’t care. Honest. I DO care.

I just haven’t had any luck setting up my wifi. And the neighbors moved. The ones with the best wifi signal in the neighborhood. Plus, the dog ate my homework.

Well, okay, maybe the dog didn’t eat my homework, but I swear there was a dog involved! We dogsat yesterday. And the sweet guy is NOT what you’d call a confident houseguest. He was up most of the night. And I was up with him.

You see, my dad’s friends are going out of town for a couple days at the end of the month and the dog will stay with us while they’re gone. We had the dog over for a test sleepover. He’s a sweetheart. A big, loveable sweetheart. But he’s lacking the confidence in new surroundings that most dogs seem to have. That’s okay, though, because he gets extra pampering from my dad because of it. And from me. Dog wouldn’t eat? I let him lick the last traces of yogurt out of the yogurt container. Next thing you know, he’s eating. (I’ve never been above bribing children or animals to eat.) He won’t sleep alone? Fine. I’ll go sleep out on the couch so he’s not alone (and he didn’t like sleeping on the floor next to the bed in my room. Whatever it takes, I will make him more comfortable when he’s here.

So, there you have it. This is what I’ve been doing lately. What about you?