Family Traditions

Da Goddess @ 15:31

Ours is cookies. Christmas cookies. And this post has been sitting in draft mode for weeks as I couldn’t get a solid connection to the Internet all this time.

Finally getting a chance to post a few shots.

I miss Christmas cookies!!!







Hand painted. With love. And lots of humor.

Oh, and why, yes, I did paint a star to look like a hibiscus, thank you.


*Waving Enthusiastically*

Da Goddess @ 14:51

Just checking in to say howdy.

Been having a rough adjustment with the meds. Trying hard to just get through most days. Keeping my eyes fixed firmly on “normal”. I see it. It’s on the horizon.

In the meantime, what are y’all up to?


Happy New Year!

Da Goddess @ 14:43

Just a few days late, but sincere nonetheless.

I hope your 2013 has started out wonderfully.

I ended 2012 with a lovely dinner with Mrs Mikey, Mini Mikey, and LD. We shared some great memories of Mad Mikey, ate a fantastic dinner, and even managed to remain upbeat and giggly after the car died by the side of the very dark mountain road (in the pouring down rain). Yep. Happened again. This time it was merely a thingamabob that held a belt.

New Year’s Eve itself was spent down at the Marriott in the Gaslamp Quarter. I’d won tickets via a local radio station. I took a friend of mine from high school. Free food, free drink, horrible music played by half-assed DJs, but the company was absolutely great.

I even managed to get home by 01:15.

I’m totally rock ‘n’ roll.

And what did you do?