TJH: Inspire – “Colour & Shape”

Da Goddess @ 04:42

Fair coloring

Colorful wave

Really more color and lines, but then I couldn’t use a song as a clever blog title, could I?


TJH: Inspire – Summer Colors

Da Goddess @ 06:54

Tigers on display

Raccoons at the fair

Getting tail at the fair


Fingers and Eyes Crossed

Da Goddess @ 06:46

My mom is being evaluated today to see if she’ll be able to go home from the skilled nursing facility. Needless to say, I got everything crossed in hopes that she can get out of there.

She sounds so much better than she has. There’s a lightness in her voice that I’ve not heard in weeks. As well, she’s actually laughing.

While she’s looking forward to being able to go home, she’s well aware that she still needs to look at assisted living facilities. With her being a high risk for falls, Mom really must have round-the-clock help. It’ll be expensive, but necessary for her safety.

If you don’t mind, please say a prayer for her.


TJH: Inspire – My Fair Lady

Da Goddess @ 04:33

Pretty Cow

I fell in love with this sweet caramel-colored cow. She was my first find at the Fair. Her gaze fixed upon me, full of sweetness and curiosity. I was compelled…compelled to meet her and photograph her. And pet her. Just adorable and soft and gentle. Plus she had that sweet cow smell. (Most don’t find it as appealing as I do, but really, I love the way horses and cows smell.)

I hope she was sold for a good price. I’m fairly certain (see what I did there?) whoever bought her will have the sweetest beef on their table.



Da Goddess @ 04:10

My daughter is so silly! She took a mustache to my mom and then took this pic of her with it on. I guess this could alternatively be title “this is my mom on drugs.” She’s well-medicated right now.


Mom’s had a rough time of it lately. Torn rotator cuff. From getting up off the toilet.

I wish I could wave a magic wand and make my mom feel better. Since I can’t, it’s at least good seeing her with some spark coming back.

I love my daughter for bringing fun into my mom’s life.

Today, Mom is 78. I very much wish her happier days and restful nights, good health, more twinkle.

Damn, now I’m misting up.

Carry on, people.


TJH: Inspire – Are You My Llama?

Da Goddess @ 04:18

my llama friend

I love llamas. They’re so…adorable. Yes, I think they’re cute. And this guy’s teeth just beg for a smile from all who see him.


If I Had A Womb, It Would Have Wept

Da Goddess @ 20:05

Ohhhh my! Such fabulousity!

Went to see Craig Ferguson today. His guest: Jon Hamm. Each is dreamy all on his own. Together? If I still had a womb, it would have wept and begged for babies.

Seriously, how could any woman resist these two?

Double perfection

Separately, they are delicious. Together, they are a Hammferger. The tastiest Hammferger on earth.


Had I sat any closer, I would have been in someone’s lap. And I wouldn’t have complained at all.

Watch the show tonight if you can. They were delightful. Also, their hotness melted their DQ Blizzards. And my heart.


TJH: Inspire – A Wish for the Dead

Da Goddess @ 00:39

My friend, Pat in Australia, passed away last week. He continued fighting for wildlife and habitat preservation right until the end. Now, he and his friend/fellow wildlife enthusiast Steve Irwin will be together again in Heaven, working their magic from up above.

The world is a sadder place without Pat.

For Pat

To help fund the work that was Pat’s passion, please make a donation to Protection Association of Australia or consider a donation to the Humane Society of the United States.

May God hold Pat in his arms and join him up with those loved ones who’d already passed.


The Real Prayers…

Da Goddess @ 23:40

Dear Lord,

Please continue to watch over my mom as she tries to recover from all her illnesses and accidents. Please make her strong enough that she doesn’t have to go into assisted living. And if she does have to go? Please let it be the place she wants to go. Help her see this less about giving up her independence and more about being safe and well-cared for at all hours of the day and night.

Please watch over my big sister, who has done an amazing job taking care of Mom, all while trying to help her husband run a business. And just for overseeing all the things Mom and Dad need.

Please help us to accept these changes with dignity and strength, making things lighter and sweeter for Mom.

And please, PLEASE allow my mom to continue to find inspiration to keep painting and keep learning, to keep her spirit burning bright.

Your humble servant,



Dear God:

Da Goddess @ 11:11

I understand that every creature here on earth has a purpose, but I beg of you to take ants off your list of protected species. Yes, as much as I reviled the cockroaches of Nevada, I am loathing (again) the ants of California.

Please, PLEASE make them go outdoors again. This whole business of waking up in the middle of the night with ants on me is getting old. I’m not sleeping well anyway. Also? Sitting on the toilet and having ants attack me at that moment is really cruel.

And that reminds me: could you please make my back behave? And get me back on my meds once more. I was doing so well for a while.

Thank you, Lord. I know you’re busy. I just thought I’d throw this out there in case you had a few moments free.



P.S. Thank you for the week with Little Dude! We’ve had fun despite doing absolutely nothing beyond watching movies and playing dice games.

P.P.S. Thank you for King Arthur. He is, as always, amazing.


Happy Birthday America!

Da Goddess @ 10:45

Happy Fourth of July

We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it.
~ William Faulkner

May your 4th of July be safe and happy! And may you recall what this day is truly about.

Freedom is a hard-won reward. We can’t take it for granted or we may lose it. So, please, take a moment today and consider how special this great nation of ours is — we have fought for our right to disagree and speak our minds, as well as the right to take a day off and celebrate all manner of our liberties.

Celebrate the live of those who make our lives FREE! Celebrate those who remain on the Homefront. Turn to your friends and neighbors, known and unknown, and say, “God bless America!”