I Believe

Da Goddess @ 00:18

I believe in true love and happy endings like I believe in a royal flush: I know they’re possible, but they’re also very rare. And yet, I keep playing poker.


The Theme Was Steam

Da Goddess @ 21:40

Left nostril stuffed up
Decongestant didn’t work
Time for good old steam

And that, my friends, is probably my favorite haiku I’ve ever written

For Rob

Da Goddess @ 00:59

We still miss you. Of course, we do! I’m grateful every single day for the people you brought into my life.

In Rob’s honor…six years…sometimes I think he must surely be pulling a horrible prank on us and is hiding out in Costa Rica.

Anyhow, I came up with this drink. (The next one — the Fix-A-Flat — is a real doozy!)

The Blue Steel Throbber™
(slightly less than) 1/3 shot of Blue Curaçao
(slightly less than) 1/3 shot of Blueberry Schnapps
(slightly less than) 1/3 shot of your favorite vodka
one small round ice cube with hole in center. with a cocktail straw, place several drops of cream in center of ice cube in the middle of the drink.

Now suck that puppy down!


I See Dumb People (in the mirror)

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Let’s call this “part too many” in a series, okay? I really can’t afford to list all my dumb moves in one post, but if you’ve been reading me for any length of time, you know I’ve posted enough over the years that I should have category solely for my own stupidity.

That said:

Today, as I was getting ready for a shoot, I grabbed a bottle of perfume and spritzed some on…only to discover (to my dismay) it was styling mousse.


Happy Father’s Day!

Da Goddess @ 05:03

Happy Father’s Day, gentlemen!

Thank you for always giving us a hand to hold, shining lights under beds to prove the monsters weren’t there, for taking us junkin’ for car parts, for runny scrambled eggs, and yelling at us (which was code for “I love you”). And also for not getting too upset when an excited child peed down your back on the 4th of July because they were so thrilled by the fireworks.

To my Dad, especially, yes, those are just a few of my memories of my early childhood. I remember being so little and thinking you were so very big. You were my buddy and I loved getting to go out on rides with you. We’d go over to see the Thomases. (Remember the Hansel and Gretel house on the way there?) Or maybe to see Uncle Rudy and Mr. Bones and Bernie and Peaches. I also remember garbage pickin’ (the night we found Jen’s frog!), working on cars together (you always let me help you bleed the brakes), walks back to check the bridge over the creek, and trips to the airport so I could see the Sea World animals arrive on the planes.

So, too, do I recall how you rehabilitated Irving the crow. I can see in my mind’s eye the cage he was in. And on more than one occasion, I know you’d rescue birds that flew into our front window on Westchester Drive. You always did have a soft spot for animals. I think that’s the only reason we got away with bringing Rondi into our family, and Charlie, and Teddy, and Maggie, and every other pet we ever had. Oh, and my little gray kitten we had for such a short time on Espola. We’d find you asleep on the sofa with him curled up in the crook of your arm. You “fought” us on getting that cat — and Jeni’s — but once they were in the house, you loved them just as much as if you’d picked them out yourself.

We had some fantastic family trips as well. I don’t know anyone else who would sit up all night on a plane with his kid and try to figure out what the “big, round, square, silver, gold, shiny thing” was. Or who’d load up a motorhome with your three girls, plus another kid, and haul us all up and down the coast of California. And there were trips to Arizona and Washington, and even back to Ohio. You always made sure we had someplace fun to go and, even better, made sure we were surrounded by people we loved and who loved us.

Sometimes it takes a lifetime to realize how special all those memories truly are. Sometimes you know it even as the moments are happening.

As I’ve grown older, I’ve made many mistakes, but you’ve shown me more patience, kindness, and love than I ever believed I deserved. I stumble and fall, and yet you still are there to help me back up, dust off my knees, and encourage me to keep on trying. It means the world to me, Dad.

I love you! Happy Father’s Day!

Updated: Perfect example of a mistake — I peed down my mom’s neck, not my dad’s. Ay yi yi.

Sometimes I Think I Have A Peeping Tom

Da Goddess @ 03:56

How else would my life turn into a article like this?


2nd Place Boobs

Da Goddess @ 06:14

Super proud of my friend taking place in the Abstract category with a photo of yours truly. Well, a part of me anyway. The photo came from a shoot we did two years ago, which I’d blogged as it happened.

Who knew that session would lead to an award for MOBT?

Congrats, my friend! And thank you for letting me be a part of the experience.


Best. Wedding. Ever.

Da Goddess @ 03:17

My friends got married yesterday. I was honored to have witnessed their ceremony and join in the reception. I can’t think of two people more in love and devoted to one another than they are. It was a magical day and evening.

If I ever recover from the shindig, I may actually post photos. Girlfriend doesn’t get out much anymore and definitely doesn’t drink, so it may take a while.


Been A Long Time

Da Goddess @ 21:21

…since I posted photos, hasn’t it?

Each photo was a long exposure while I twisted and turned the camera all about. People looked at me like I was nuts, but I knew what I wanted and didn’t much care. A few of the very curious came over to ask if they could see what I got and then they’d nod and say, “Oooh, I get it now!”

Definitely not what I normally shoot, eh?

Long Exposure 1

Long Exposure 2

Long Exposure 3

Long Exposure 4


Back in the Saddle

Da Goddess @ 23:20

Back in LV since Monday night. Back at work since Tuesday morning. Life is back to “normal”.

My mom went to the doctor today and I called to find out what the deal was. She’s doing much better. Weight is down (thank you, Lasix!), blood count is up, blood pressure is up (boo! hiss! add that med back into the regimen), and she’s feeling a little more like herself every day. I wish I could be there, but my sisters and my daughter have everything under control. My older sister, especially, has been a Godsend. We’re lucky she’s been able to take such good care of my mom. Very lucky, indeed.

In the future, though, I do believe I’ll be there to ease her burden (not that our mom is a burden…nowhere close!). I mean, I see this as my last summer in Vegas. The heat and I are no longer close friends. I burned out on him, if you will. I’m totally breaking up with heat! Hehee. I also don’t like being so far away from my family. This latest round of illness with my mom was the straw that broke this camel’s…back. It’s time to head west again. Although, if Mr T at the airport has his way, I’ll stay here. I dunno. He was rather adorable and persuasive, but the fact that he failed to get my phone number leads me to believe I’ll not be marrying a secret prince moonlighting as people shuffler at the ‘port.

Know anyone with a truck who wants to take a roadtrip? Seriously, all I own will fit nicely in the back of a pickup truck. It’s a short trip, but think of all the fun we could have stopping in Baker to get Mad Greek! And, hello! CALIFORNIA! SAN DIEGO! BEACHES! Plus I know a couple good places for BBQ. Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Eh, hit me up in the comments if you want to go cruise to Cali with me.