Mutterings: 500 (not mine)

Da Goddess @ 01:12

I say, you think:

  1. Call :: box
  2. Instinct :: reflex
  3. Toffee :: fay
  4. Cleaner :: swiffer picker upper
  5. Gut :: response
  6. Leveled :: charge
  7. Discover :: the world
  8. Together :: again
  9. Attack :: defend
  10. String :: cheese

Nina’s hit #500 on Unconscious Mutterings!


  1. Call: me
    Instinct: basic
    Toffee: Canada
    Cleaner: Comet
    Gut: punch
    Leveled: building
    Together: soon
    Attack: stop!
    String: kitty toy

    To explain my response to toffee: my Grandmother was Canadian, and whenever she would visit her home town, she would bring back this hard English toffee for me and my sister. You had to take the box and smack it hard on something to break it into bite size pieces. Then you would gnaw on a piece for hours, trying not to pull your fillings out. Great fun! I wonder if you can still get that anymore?

    Comment by DogsDontPurr — 2012/08/29 @ 20:34

  2. I’m sure that’s sold somewhere! Maybe eBay?

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/08/31 @ 13:45

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