Deadliest Catch Season 6 Episode 12 – “Empty Throne”

DaGoddess @ 08:02

As I suspected, I cried during this week’s episode of Deadliest Catch. Captain Phil Harris was sent off to Anchorage following his stroke, accompanied by his son Jake while his other son Josh tried to figure the course of action for himself, for the boat, and for the crew of the Cornelia Marie.

Elsewhere, the Time Bandit got captain-in-training Mike Fourtner’s feet wet as he set his first string of pots. The yield was poor, but the initial test was done.

On the Kodiak, Wild Bill made his deadline for his first offload, but his crew disappointed him by failing to show up in time for curfew.

The Northwestern was on the crab, pleasing Sig. However, Jake Anderson’s mind was on his missing father. When a bridle snapped and a pot went smashing against the side of the boat, Jake was the only one to grab the line and throw it back into the coiler, which upsets Sig. Risky move. Still, Edgar and Sig are keeping an eye on him and it’s apparent that they’re concerned beyond the safety issue.

Josh Harris makes the call to Andy Hillstrand and informs him of Phil’s stroke. Andy calls John and suggests he get to the hospital in Anchorage. The call then goes out to Sig, who is becomes angry and then concerned. Keith on the Wizard is notified and he says a prayer, asking The Big Guy to give Phil a break. Keith then turns out the wheelhouse light for some time to himself. Later, Andy and Sig both call their crews in and give them the news. Jake Anderson understands the fear the Harris boys are experiencing and is visibly upset because he’s always appreciated Phil’s support and encouragement.

Cut to Josh in a plane. After a talk with fellow crewman Freddie Maughtai, who encouraged him to go be with his dad “just in case”, Josh headed to Anchorage, where he’s met by Johnathan Hillstrand. John reminds Josh that millions are praying for Phil and that he’s in good hands. The Harris brothers are reunited and lean on each other for support.

The next couple episodes will focus on Phil and his battle. The Cornelia Marie website will continue to provide information regarding the Harris family and the Cornelia Marie.

The episode ends with the very emotional “Rain” by Jon Heintz, as it did last season when Jake Anderson left upon discovering his sister had died.

The New Place

DaGoddess @ 03:51

Last night Buster made dinner for me and for my soon-to-be roommate (hmm, what shall we name him? Dennis My Other Brother Darryl. We shall call him Dennis My Other Brother Darryl…or MOBD for short). BBQ chicken, baked potatoes, and I did up some veggies. After dinner, we managed to get one (one of two) of my “major bargain” sofas into MOBD’s truck. Buster insisted it wouldn’t fit. He’d measured the sofa, measure the truck, remeasured the sofa and the truck, and reremeasured both. He was certain one wouldn’t fit. I said it would. I eyeballed it. I even went and measured. I don’t know what math he did, but mine said “fit!” And I was right. There was even room leftover. Buster said, “oh, well, the other should fit now, too!” I shook my head doubtfully. We didn’t even bother to try after that.

About the sofas: they’re big. They’re solid. I bought them from a friend who was moving out of a huge house into a small condo (his wife died and he was losing his home). He had another sofa — Lord, I wanted that one in the worst way — but the two he was selling were nice as well. At first he wanted $400 for one, but I ended up with both for that price. Originally, he paid $2,000 a piece. Yeah. That’s what I said. But, that’s how it happens sometimes. Sadly, he wasn’t selling a queen sized bed or I’d have that, too. Ugh. Still have to get a bed.

So, anyhow, MOBD and I headed up the freeway to a part of Las Vegas I’ve never seen. North. Northwest. It’s further away than I thought it would be. But I like it. And I looked at both available rooms trying to decide which will be best for me. There’s the one right by the front door, which opens into the living room. This is the bigger of the two rooms. The other one is right by the garage and is down a short hallway. It also offers a very quick trip to the bathroom. Not that the other room doesn’t, but I could conceivably run from this room, into the bathroom naked and no one would see. Not that I intend to do so, but you know what I mean. Can’t decide which room I like better. I’ll be headed over there again today and will look again.

As I drove back toward the other house, I noticed how beautiful the Strip looked off in the distance. Yeah, it’s further away. I can’t see it at all from the new place, whereas I could see a portion of the strip from my bedroom window here. PotAYto, potAHto. There’s something familiar and cool about the new place. I think it may be the horses nearby. Yeppers, just like when I lived in Poway. Right around the corner are horses. It feels a little like home.

Also, over the hill (just up the street) is the desert. I mean, the honest to goodness desert. Kind of cool. And there’s all sorts of neat new things to explore once I move. Before then, too. When Little Dude gets here on the 14th, we’ll go ‘splorin’ like crazy. I can’t wait!

Still looking for a car, though. My budget keeps changing. I should have done this months ago, but I didn’t know I’d need to do this back then. Can’t change what you can’t change, right? Right. If I don’t find something today, I have to resume the search when I return from Portland. Oh, yeah, I’m heading to Portland to cover a festival this weekend. Leave Thursday, come back Tuesday. Got my press credentials/all-access pass taken care of and I’ll be photographing and interviewing artists whenever possible. This makes me very happy. My last travel gig yielded one photo in a national magazine, so there’s that…but I want more. I’m greedy. I want to be in several magazines and I want my writing published, too. I keep on trying.

With that said, my laundry appears to be done and I should really get to bed. I have lots to do between now and the time I get up, get the other sofa moved, explore new house, go car seeking, and come home to pack.

Just so you have an idea of what I’m leaving and what I’m gaining:

src=”http://farm5.static.flickr.com/4082/4748761688_070867f1b8_o.jpg” alt=”Old place new place” />

P.S. I feel very silly and almost a little conceited mentioning this, but I just discovered I was in the thank you section on my friends’ CD. I actually wept when I found out. (Thank you, Temple, for letting me know! I had the artwork for months and never saw it.)


Two-fer Tuesdays

DaGoddess @ 04:00

Time to let hit up the ladies for some song. We’ll start with one of my favorites.

I have so many stories to go with Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac. If I start, I’ll never stop, so we’ll just go with the music today.


Honeyboy is 95!

DaGoddess @ 09:26

Today we celebrate music legend’s 95th birthday.

As most of you may recall, David Honeyboy Edwards is one of my favorite people. He pretty much kicked my blues photography project into high gear and led me down this amazing path.

Happy birthday, Honeyboy!

Blues Festival at the Cannery

DaGoddess @ 01:52

On June 19, there was a blues festival out at the Cannery. Four great acts and it was only $5. Can you believe it?

I have some photos edited and here they are. A bit heavy on Curtis Salgado at the moment, but I’ll add more Janiva Magness, Eddy “The Chief” Clearwater, and finally some of Ironing Board Sam slowly but surely.



DaGoddess @ 03:49

Those violet candies I fell in love with?

Pastiglie Leone Violetta

Apparently you can find them at Trader Joe’s. Guess where I’m going today?

P.S. They also have honey candies that I’m pretty sure my Grandma used to give me. Only one way to find out for sure, right?


DaGoddess @ 00:51

3 yr old Billy is sitting on the toilet. His mother thinks he’s been in there too long, so she goes to see what’s up. The boy is sitting on the toilet reading a book, but every 15 seconds or so he puts the book down, grips onto the toilet seat with his left hand and hits himself on the head with his right. Mom: “are you okay? You’ve been in here a while” Billy: “I’m fine, Mommy. I just haven’t gone yet.” Mom: “okay, you can stay a little longer. But why are you hitting yourself on the head?” Billy: “It works for ketchup”

That could have easily been either of my kids.


Just a Reminder

DaGoddess @ 09:41

Four Years

DaGoddess @ 01:00

Acerbic. Irascible. Belligerent. Funny. Adorable. All of that and more.

I can’t believe that old cracker has been gone for four years. I still see him around. He shows up in the most unlikely places. I hear his laugh. His voice breaks through the din of the crowd in a smoke-filled bar. He sends crickets after me! His phone number is still programmed into my cellphone, dammit. He CAN’T be gone!

But he is. And I miss him very much.

I think he’d also get why I picked this tune.

These two are entirely for Rob, though.

I love you, man. I know the music where you are is beautiful because I’m pretty sure you’re leading the band.


Brown Fuzzy Balls

DaGoddess @ 03:38

I made the mistake a few months back of washing a blanket I got before Christmas. It’s one of those super soft fleecy blankets that’s just amazingly comfortable. Anyhow, I figured it was due a washing after months of being on the bed. Not a bad idea. Except that it left brown fuzzy balls in the washing machine and in the dryer and on my clothes and…well, you get the gist.

So here I am months later. I’ve washed clothes and sheets and everything many times over. But I’m still getting fuzzy balls all over my stuff.

It’s worse than the white cat fur on my dark clothes.

What’s a girl to do?


Deadliest Catch – Falling Apart

DaGoddess @ 00:01

Just finished watching episode 11 and it’s…yeah.

On the Time Bandit, John and Andy discussed retirement and who would take over the boat. John’s son Scotty is heir apparent, but hasn’t yet proved to his dad or his uncles that he’s serious about taking over. Deckhand J.J. is too old, according to the elder Hillstrands, and that leaves Mike Fourtner. Fourtner accepts the challenge.

Captain Keith, over on the Wizard, battles his nicotine addiction. Instead of smoking, it’s chew. A call to his daughter puts him back on track and he’s back to chewing gum.

Sig Hansen and Nick Mavar struggle with whether or not to tell Jake Anderson his missing father’s truck was found. In the end, Sig calls Jake to the wheelhouse and has him call his mom. The news is best coming from her.

On the Cornelia Marie, Phil’s realization that his son is an addict hits home. The harsh words uttered at the end of the last episode are followed by Jake’s promise to get treatment and Phil says he’ll go to meetings with him. The crabbing is good, but Phil decides to head back to St. Paul. On the way back, he looks through old photos with his sons. Unfortunately, once back in port, during the offload, Phil collapses. The crew scramble to get him stabilized and help the paramedics get him to the deck and into the ambulance. Once again, I was struck by Josh’s calm, cool demeanor and his ability to stay focused, always thinking of the next step. The episode ends with Josh and Phil in the ambulance, racing toward what we know is inevitable.

Tears flowed freely here as I knew they would. It’s a combination of sadness for the Harris family and friends, for the scared little girl inside of me knowing this day will eventually come for my own parents, and for my dear friend who died four years ago. I honestly don’t know if I can watch the next couple episodes.



DaGoddess @ 21:29

I also saw John McCain unpacking watermelons at Walmart early this morning.

Well, it could have been him. Or his twin brother. Just sayin’.

Things I Learned Overnight

DaGoddess @ 05:52

1) I now know where black lesbians gather on Tuesday nights in Las Vegas.

2) I discovered where to get free chicken and some asiany coleslaw stuff at 1am.

3) If I have someone with me who likes Patron, I know where to get a shot of it for $4.

4) I learned I really like shopping at Walmart in the middle of the night, walking out to the parking lot at 0500.

5) I have now decided that the fan I purchased at Walmart in the middle of the night sucks because I have to assemble it and I really don’t want to do that at 0550. Ain’t gonna happen.

And that’s pretty much it — the extent of my wisdom gleaned from wandering about Las Vegas in the wee hours.


Two-fer Tuesday

DaGoddess @ 04:00

Pull yer red hair back into a couple long braids, grab a bandanna, a guitar, and tear up your tax forms! It’s Willie Nelson Day!

For those of you playing along at home, you’ll recall my musical choices with my parents. For those new to the game, every morning before school, the stereo would go on. Music was something we all enjoyed. However, we didn’t always agree on what would be considered “music”. Chuck Mangione. Herb Alpert. Linda Ronstadt. Or Willie Nelson. If my dad, who mostly worked nights, didn’t want to hear “that God-awful screeching from that damn Linda Ronstadt”, we’d invariably vote for Willie Nelson. I still like him.

No bonus this week. I’m saving up.


Two Kids

DaGoddess @ 18:51

Got six or seven texts from Mojo today. Couldn’t keep up so I just called her to find out what was going on. She’s discovering the DMV isn’t very efficient. She’s also working on summer school since that’s the only thing standing between her and high school diploma. Don’t ask. She’s on track, so that’s all that matters.

Sometimes I see so much of myself in her I just want to scream. I was head strong and determined to be “independent” at 17, too, and I created so much more work and heartache for myself than was necessary. I wish I could somehow help her avoid the mistakes I made, but that’s not how it works, right?

I was sort of hoping I’d be able to fly her out for a couple days at some point this summer, but that ain’t happenin’.


Then there’s Little Dude. He squeaked by. He’d been doing better in school, especially science. 100% on his tests. But then he’d forget to turn in assignments. Went from a C to a D. I just don’t get it. He did the homework, so why wouldn’t he turn it in? Kids.

Now his flight…that’s booked for mid-July. He’ll be here for two weeks. I’m looking at music calendars to find all ages events (there are some very surprising FREE events, too) and trying to plan things out a bit so that we get to do more than sit around talking about the weather. I’ll take him to Red Rock Canyon and maybe even to Valley of Fire if it’s not too hot. Possibly a trip to the Grand Canyon.

If I could figure out a way to get tickets for Sgt. Pepper as played by Cheap Trick without spending a fortune, I’d do that. He’s a fan of both. Plus, you know, I’m all fangirl-y with CT.

I’ll probably use LD’s spindly arms to help me get things moved over to the new place, too. That’ll take up a whole day.

I wish I could get both kids settled and happy. It’s a little like juggling in that they’re going different directions and I’m frantically waving my arms, trying to catch them, missing, and only reaching them on a bounce.