Yep. Yep. Totally, Yeah.

Da Goddess @ 07:58

Working on a new project with King Arthur and our friend, the Rebel, I’ve had to start brainstorming website ideas. Fun. Makes my already achy head hurt more. But it’s necessary. As is research.

In doing my research, I came across this post about what things need to be considered when designing a website.

Most important? Unreadable text.

Avoid fancy fonts, lots of bolding and underlining, and bad color choices. A traditional font in a dark color on a light background may seem simple, but it works because it’s readable. Remember, many of your visitors already have spent hours staring at the computer screen; you don’t want green text on an orange background to give them a headache. Also avoid using text that’s too small or too large, or text that changes sizes too often or too severely.

That’s probably my biggest pet peeve with websites. I don’t want my head to go all ‘splodey when I get to your site. Nobody should have to suffer that.

And music. They didn’t mention music. But they should. NOBODY needs music that plays automatically. Give people the option, if you simply MUST include it, but don’t force it on site visitors.

So, yeah. That’s where I’m at today.


Clear Horizon

Da Goddess @ 15:12

At least, I think the horizon is clear. Maybe clear-ish. Clearing?


My voice is creaky, but I can talk. My throat hurts, but only in a slightly scratchy way. My sinuses are congested, but not to the extreme. My head hurts, but it’s a cushioned, spongy rattle now. And only one eye burns at a time.

That’s progress, right?



Da Goddess @ 08:10

I’m on day 2 of a throat so sore that I can’t talk without feeling as though it’ll burst into flames or rupture, bleeding uncontrollably. My rattly headache (which I originally typed “deadache”…paging Dr Freud!) is now down to an occasional thumping.

So, please, let’s keep it down to a dull roar around here. Don’t make me come in there and yell at you!


Time to return to endless movies and other recordings mixed with intermittent sleep. These days I’m sleeping in bursts of 30 minutes to 2 hours. I’ll take it when I can get it.

Hopin’ you’re all feeling better than this.


TJH Inspire: Horny Mike and His Helmets

Da Goddess @ 03:27

In an effort to distract myself momentarily from the dreaded sinus crud that’s invaded our home, here are some photos from last year’s trip to Vegas. We stopped at Count’s Kustoms and had a look around. Ran into Horny Mike as he was moving in a display of his helmet work. Pretty cool stuff.

Horny Mike Pinhead helmet work

Horny Mike

Horny Mike Helmet

My favorite is Pinhead. Striking as all get out.


Awesome Quote

Da Goddess @ 01:14

From Bill Watterson, via Criminal Minds:

To invent your own life’s meaning is not easy, but it’s still allowed, and I think you’ll be happier for the trouble

Nobody can decide what’s meaningful in your life, let alone find your happiness for you. Only you can do that!



Da Goddess @ 16:29

I’m excited about the mini-series Klondike! I can barely wait to see it. I have long had a love affair with prospecting, rock hunting, and rugged people doing things in dangerous places.

Plus, we get great cast: Sam Shepard, Tim Roth (whom I bumped asses with and sweated alongside last weekend at the photo exhibit), Tim Blake Nelson (I will watch anything he’s in!), and Ian Hart as Soapy Smith (which, TRIVIA!! I used to work at a restaurant called…you got it! Soapy Smith’s).

Set in the Yukon during the last half of the 1890s, the gold rush was only for the hardiest souls. No modern conveniences. No forced air heating. No mega parkas. No heavy machinery to help with the digging; everything was done by hand. Men and women set out to make their fortunes in the most formidable environment. Horribly primitive living conditions in extreme cold and people crammed into small spaces meant diseases spread quickly. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. (more…)

Three Arrested as Fire Rages

Da Goddess @ 15:38

Three very stupid men are sitting in jail because they did not heed the red flag warning in effect for most of L.A. and Orange Counties this week.

“They were tossing papers into [a] campfire and a breeze reportedly kicked up and set this fire,” Staab said, adding that one of the men “ admitted to setting this fire.”

Apparently, they set up camp and decided they needed a fire during the worst time possible for one. Super low humidity and gusting winds plus fire = BAD.

I can’t decide whether these guys were just desperate for attention or are just extremely EXTREMELY stupid. Or both. All I know is that I hate fires and this one could have been prevented. $20,000 for bail isn’t nearly enough. I hope to hell they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and that we never hear their names spoken again.


Shake Senora!

Da Goddess @ 01:48

We just has a freaky little earthquake here. It was very wobbly and it went on a bit longer than I’d like. Currently bracing for aftershocks because earthquakes usually bring a friend.

It was less than 40 miles away. 01:35. 4.4 magnitude.

Too close for comfort


Blog Funny

Da Goddess @ 03:58

I love the Fug Girls. LOVE. THEM.

I guess one never finds out how much power one’s boobs truly have until they are tested

Mine have been tested. Sadly, they don’t defy gravity anymore like those belonging to Adams, but at least I still have ’em.

And really, I identify with FugHeather’s “My own bar is usually just lying on the floor.”

Everyone wants to match their shoes now, for reasons I’ll never understand. But complaining about that is kind of like complaining that you don’t like the scent of the lotion Idris Elba is using when he gives you a massage: just shut up and enjoy it

Idris doesn’t even have to use lotion on me. I’m pretty sure I’d glisten under his touch and all would be fine.

Jessica and Heather are such a breath of fresh air some days.


Da Goddess @ 00:13

King Arthur got me a curling iron last week and I finally got a chance to use it the other night before the gallery show. My hair was actually lovely once it was all curled and smoothed. Sadly, the gallery was packed with bodies and that meant humidity. Within moments, I’d lost the curls and was left with some frizz on top of my normal natural waves. Not a tragedy by any means, of course, but it was a bit disappointing after I’d spent such time on doing it.

What I want to know is how celebrities manage to keep their hair so gorgeous on those nights when they’re jammed into rooms stuffed with people.



Hello, Thanks, and a Hug

Da Goddess @ 03:33

Met an actor I rather enjoy last night while at a photography exhibit in L.A. Actually, I met several actors and a couple comedians. But the one I met early in the evening was just a delight.

He’d written a book, one of which I bought a couple copies of a few years back and gave to the kids. I apologized profusely for interrupting his evening out, but told him I had promised myself I would thank him for the great advice he gave in the book if ever I had the opportunity to meet him. He was a genuine angel about my intrusion, thanked me for my kind words, and he sweetly gave me a hug after our conversation. Unsolicited hugs are cool.

Hey, sometimes I venture out of the house and interesting things happen. Sure beats the days of not being able to move, let alone go anywhere.


Silly Stuff

Da Goddess @ 18:33

111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321

And, I know guy who knows a guy who knows someone who says that math is fun.


Two Kids Explain Elvis

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Two-fer Tuesday: Raul Malo

Da Goddess @ 13:19

I’ve made no secret of my love of the Mavericks and Raul Malo, so of course I have to post these videos. Makes my heart sing.

My Addiction Has a Friend!

Da Goddess @ 03:38

I’m always thrilled to find other people who share my “problems”. I don’t even mind when they’re more successful at making our problem a strength. In fact, I dare say, seeing how other people deal with obsession makes me braver and more willing to try my hand at things.

I know the definition isn’t an exact fit, but I liken this ability to look at things differently as a form of synesthesia or ideasthesia. Either way, I think this is what happens with people who are very creative. I’d like to be included in that group, but I’m dancing along the edge at best, hoping to fall in.