Two-fer Tuesday: The Flatlanders

Da Goddess @ 12:41

This first song is my favorite Flatlanders song ever. It’s just…perfection.

The second song reminds me of my time in the mid-late 80s when I was dancing every weekend and spending a lot of time getting to know some very interesting and amazing people.

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Two-fer Tuesday: Charlie Stout

Da Goddess @ 00:27

Another find from here in Texas: Charlie Stout.

I originally started following him on the Tweety because of his photography (oh my God! It’s gorgeous

, y’all. Gorgeous.) and was surprised to run into him at the first night of the singer-songwriter competition here. It took a second for me to make the connection, but there it was. So, yeah, he’s a talented photographer AND a talented musician.

Please check out Charlie’s bandcamp page for more great music. I heartily recommend “The Windmill Song” from Five Years Ago Tonight, “West Texas in My Eye” from Oklahoma (live bootleg), and “The Hanging” and “Set Your Eyes on Things Below” from Dust and Wind.

Once again, I urge you to buy his albums because they’re worth every penny. And if you’re looking for some stunning art, head on over to Charlie’s website.


Two-fer Tuesday: Local Musicians Part 2

Da Goddess @ 07:52

I feel like a total heel for not sharing any of this music at some point during the past 7-8 months. I’m very sorry.

Next up in the local musicians category is Jerry Serrano. Jerry’s incredibly nice, plays multiple instruments, and is just one of those people who draws you in.

He runs the open mic night at the Blue Light on Mondays and also hosted the singer-songwriter competition last fall. The best part about his hosting duties (aside from getting to hear a lot of performers) is when Jerry gets up to play.

The first song here is one I felt like I’d heard before and by the end up it

, I could swear it was one I was super familiar with. Good songs are like that. They’re old friends you’ve only just met. (That would be a great title for a song and an album: Old Friend I Just Met™®. Anyone interested

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, email me at dagoddess@gmail.com. We can work out a deal.)


Two-fer Tuesday: Local Musicians Part 1

Da Goddess @ 07:32

Okay, confession time: I’ve been holding out on you. Bob Simpson is probably my favorite local performer and I find his songs, songwriting, and voice to be just what the doctor ordered nine times out of ten.

I’m sorry I haven’t shared his music sooner. I hope you’ll forgive me.

I was tempted to post all of his songs because I dig each and every one of them. Instead

, I really hope you’ll go to Bob’s Bandcamp page, have a listen, and then buy the album. I promise, it’s absolutely worth the purchase.

You know how much I love music, so when I say it’s worth plunkin’ down some money, you know I believe it’s worthy of your permanent collection.


Two-Fer Tuesday: New Favorites

Da Goddess @ 07:28

It’s been ages since I’ve done a Two-fer Tuesday post, so let’s get to it, shall we?

First up is a song I really dig by American Aquarium. They have a bunch of great music (including a very good album of covers), but this is probably my favorite…at least it is at the moment.

Next up is Sarah Shook. I was so looking forward to seeing her last month. However, as you know, I’ve been too poorly to travel and I missed out on the opportunity to catch her live and in person. Oh well

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, another time, yes? Anyway, here’s the song I picked for today.

Hope you liked the songs I’ve shared and are curious enough to check out more from both artists. H has turned me on to some fantastic performers and I look forward to sharing more in the coming weeks.


2021 – Day 131 – Two-Fer Tuesday

Da Goddess @ 21:06

Show this to some young person in your life. Tell them this was a big hit when you were a kid. In the comments, post a link to the pic you took of them as they listen to it.

And then you can tell them this was another big hit. But nobody ever knew why. Or how.

“And they whirled and they twirled and they tangoed
Singin’ and jingin’ the jango
Floatin’ like the heavens above”

That’s a beautiful bit of writing

Koupit Doxycyklin v Praze

, isn’t it? It has no right being in this song.

If you want to fall down a weird ass rabbit hole, go to YouTube and listen to all the covers of this song. From America to Todd Rundgren and countless others. It’s insaane! But, whatever. At least I didn’t include “Disco Duck” here. I love you too much for that.


Two-fer Tuesday: Something Beautiful for You (Quarantine Playlist)

Da Goddess @ 03:26

This is for you. Yes, you. You deserve this.

And you deserve this. Yes

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, I’m still talking to you! Quit acting so surprised.

Hang in there, my friends. We can do this.


Threefer Thursday: Wash Those Blues Away, or Maybe Just Bathe in Them

Da Goddess @ 18:11

I’ve been absent, yes. No excuse other than pain, if I’m honest. But pain is a huge part of my life and sometimes its control over me is all-consuming. Okay, more than sometimes. It sent me to hospital twice last week. It made me cry at the doctor’s office yesterday. It’s causing me all sorts of trouble in my head; trouble I can ill-afford.

My distraction techniques run the gamut of reading, TV, Twitter, and lots of cat pics and videos. Plus, there’s music. Lots of it.

Some of the music has a melancholic tinge. Some of it is overwhelmingly joyous. Most of it falls in between.

Today’s selections are emotive and have a touch of sadness to them. The only reason for this is because I like having a soundtrack for my tears. It helps to limit the length of time I allow myself to get it out of my system.

I should note that even though these songs have that blue bent to them, mostly I love them because they’re beautifully written and performed.

P.S. I know I’ve shared a couple of these previously, but it’s okay. We all need to be reminded of good music now and again.

P.P.S. the last one was for The Fat Guy. He was the one who introduced me to the magic of Ryan Bingham. I’m so glad I got to see Ryan perform and tell him how I came to be a fan. Even better was telling Scott about the night. Sadly, Scott left us not long after. I’ll always be indebted to him for his friendship and his free and open policy of spreading musical joy.

P.P.P.S. I ended this threefer on an upnote because I needed it. Hope it helped you, too. “Cause I’ve been broke down for so long
And Lord, it’s getting cold.” Amen to that.


Two-fer Tuesday: 2Cellos

Da Goddess @ 04:26

I can’t put into words just how amazing these guys are, so just listen.



Thursday Threesome

Da Goddess @ 01:37

It’s music time, my friends! I neeeeed to post some songs that have just been running around in my head. We’ll have this week be all about Three Dog Night, m’kay?


Two-fer Tuesday: Raul Malo

Da Goddess @ 13:19

I’ve made no secret of my love of the Mavericks and Raul Malo, so of course I have to post these videos. Makes my heart sing.


PROMPTuesday #223: Prom(ptly late)

Da Goddess @ 19:13

I’m a day late…okay, a couple years late on my PROMPTuesday response (I suck at remembering that Deb does these until Saturday or thereabouts, so I inevitably don’t do them), but I do have a story to tell. I may have already told it, but I’m okay with repeating myself repeatedly. (Yeah, yeah…it was intentional. Intentionally intentional.)

I only went to prom one year. It sucked. It shouldn’t have, but it did. And I still hold it against the guy who took me.

His name was Bill Powell.

Being the dorky classic movie freak that I’ve always been, I gave him far more credit as a human being simply because “William Powell” starred in movies I’d loved*. I was certainly no Myrna Loy, but again, he was also no William Powell. He was simply Bill Powell. (* Apparently I learned nothing after dating a “Fontaine” and imagining myself marrying him… [I really was a dorky classic movie freak with stars in my eyes and dream in my heart].)

Also, in a tuxedo, with his walk, he was all too penguiny. For anyone’s taste (except maybe a real penguin, although with his behavior that night, no penguin in their right mind would want to be associated with him).

But before prom night and the terrible disappointment and disgust I ended up feeling, I was your typical teen girl who imagined prom to be a magical event and was completely caught up in the dream of what it might be. But, without the budget of my wealthier friends and with self-esteem issues, I don’t know why I thought I’d miraculously look like a princess or how I’d end up with a prince of a guy.


I’d spent a lot of time looking for a prom dress. Our neighbor worked in a bridal shop so, of course, that’s where we ended up looking (first and, eventually, finally). I tried on many gowns, liking nothing. Of course, it had more to do with me not liking how I looked. I was a very typical teenager who bought into the whole “I’ll never be pretty or perfect enough” idea that young women still fight to this day. I didn’t see that I was actually of a nice build or that I had lovely hair and teeth or that I could actually be considered “cute”. Or I worried because I came from a working class family with a loud, grumpy father. I wasn’t the most popular in the school. I knew plenty of the popular kids, but I wasn’t OF THEM. I spent far too much time believing that guys asked me out because they were half blind and probably only liked me because I was funny in a self-deprecating manner.

Anyhow, after visiting several stores, my mom and I ended up back at the first shop and I settled on a white sleeveless gown with a scoop neck trimmed with ruffles and a ruffled hem. We did away with the white sash at the waist and chose, instead, a semi-wide sea green ribbon to replace it. For some reason, I wanted a Gibson Girl hairdo, but ended up going with slightly-more-curled version of my standard feathered hairdo because nobody in high school ever needs to do their hair in a Gibson Girl unless they’re in a play.

Bill showed up in his dad’s sedan. Don’t recall what kind, but I remember it being a lovely metallic blue that sedans of the day often were. I had his boutonniere ready to go and he had my corsage. My parents took pictures as we were getting ready to leave and there was still hope in my heart that the evening would be fantastic.

Off we went to Quails Inn for dinner. We’d be dining with mutual friends. And, my dear readers, is where everything quickly turned to absolute shit.

The people with whom we sat noticed another kid from school who was in band, played the tuba, and who also happened to be overweight. Now, deep down inside, I still considered myself a fat kid (I wasn’t, but I was sensitive to my past weight and the weight issues others suffered [or not suffered in their minds]). These kids I sat with, these kids I’d known for several years, these kids who’d also been in band (or still were) began talking about this young man. Loudly. Loud enough for him and his date and everyone else in the room to hear. I was getting upset. I tried shushing them. I told them they were being rude. I tried pleading with them to just stop. To no avail. I turned to Bill and quietly asked him to do something, but he only laughed along with the others and jumped into their conversation. I got up from the table and spent a good 30 minutes in the bathroom wondering who these people were. How could they be so cruel? Should I go apologize to the young man? Should I call my parents and beg them to come pick me up? Finally, I headed out of the bathroom, making quick eye contact with the boy who’d been the object of my tablemates’ mean mouths. He smiled at me and nodded. My cheeks were burning and my heart was pounding. What would happen? By the time I’d got back to the table, everyone but Bill was gone. He said something stupid about me being away for so long, but had nothing to say for himself when I asked why he said such awful things about someone I KNEW he had been friends with at one point in his life. I also said I would sit at the same table as everyone else at the dance over my dead body. He could sit with them if he wanted, but I wouldn’t be by his side.

Leaving the restaurant, we headed out to Camp Pendleton. Yep, our prom was on a Marine Corps base. A fairly long, foggy drive on a weekend when not only are adults drinking and driving, but most of the kids are, too…just what every parent dreams of!

Once at the dance, I saw two of my dearest friends in the world: Rich and Susie. I made a beeline toward them. Rich knew something was wrong. Susie knew something was wrong. It was kind of hard NOT to notice given that I practically ran to them and my date went in a different direction. Having grown up with both Rich and Susie, I felt a huge sense of relief in knowing that they’d understand, and you know what? They did. They insisted I stay with them for the rest of the night, Susie even sending me out on the dance floor with Rich more than once. The only song I recall us dancing to, though, was “Stairway to Heaven”. They wanted to take me home, but I couldn’t impose on them to that extent. I’d have to face the nasty little penguin boy at some point (and who would possibly ruin what might have been planned for her friends on prom night, right?) so I said my goodbyes and found Bill.

In the car, he acted as if nothing had happened and chattered about a big party everyone else was going to afterwards. Did I want to go? Uh…no way in hell! Disappointed and without a shred of understanding why, he angrily drove me home. It was a long, uncomfortable drive in the fog — that of the weather and in his self-deluded notion that I’d somehow thank him for the super fun evening. As he pulled up to my house, he leaned over as if to kiss me and missed by a mile as I was already out of the car and halfway to my front door.

We never spoke again. When he’d see me at school, his face would turn bright red, his walk would become even more waddly, and he’d stomp off. And of all the other kids who were at that dinner table, talking trash about a classmate, only ONE of them approached me after and apologized for her behavior. My only comment to her at that time was that I was not the one who needed an apology and if she couldn’t muster up the courage to ask for mercy from the person she hurt then I had no room for her in my life.

Thinking back on that all these years later, I’m struck by a couple of things:
1) I was an idiot as a teenager, but not the biggest idiot in the world.
2) I had more backbone than I gave myself credit for. I wish I had known it was there and used it more often.
and finally,
3) I’m so glad I never have to go through that time in life ever again. Kids can be shitty assholes of the highest magnitude. That ANY of us survived high school in the 80s (or at any time) is a damn miracle.


Two-Fer Tuesday: More Ryan Bingham

Da Goddess @ 04:25

I’m ruminating far too much today. Lots on my mind and I’m trying to crawl out of the navel-gazing that’s going on within me (I know, that’s a bit redundant). Enjoy some Bingham.



Two-Fer Tuesday: It’s Gettin’ All Sexy Up in Here

Da Goddess @ 03:45

Sorry. Spent an evening with one of the sexiest men alive and my mind went a-wandering.



Two-fer Tuesday is Back!

Da Goddess @ 04:00

Two largely unrelated videos that simply make me happy. One is upbeat. The other is just beautifully written and sung by a favorite artist.

Ian Britt

Alfie Smith

Today’s Two-fer is different from what I submitted to Blinded By Sound. That post includes a cookie — because I like cookies.

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