Say A Little Prayer

Da Goddess @ 22:50

Please, if you would…say a little prayer for my mom. She had a nasty fall tonight and was rushed to the hospital. My sister and brother-in-law have been there with her for the last few hours. It looks like she’ll be okay, but with all her recent health problems I’m not taking any chances.

Gordon Ramsey Liked My Pizza

Da Goddess @ 01:32

At least, he did in my dream last night.

For some reason, I had a dream that I was one of many people cooking pizza for the chef. No two pizzas could be the same. I worked very hard to make a light dough, season it well, add an interesting cheese, and top it nicely with the freshest ingredients I could take before other people got to them. My tomato sauce was made from fresh tomatoes (from my dad’s backyard).

We had a brick oven in which to bake our pies. I wrapped mine carefully in foil after placing it upon the baking screen. I timed it all perfectly. And the entire time I worried about what I should add to the pizza because I knew it couldn’t possibly live up to what others were creating.

Suddenly, Chef Ramsey was in front of me, talking loudly to all of us, telling us how pizza is meant to be familiar, yet surprising, never the same old, dull cardboard you get when you call out for delivery. My heart sank. I knew this was when he’d throw my food back down and tell me it was rubbish. But then he looked at me and said, “and this, Madam, is every bit the surprise I was hoping to find today.”

And then I woke up.

Either I need a serious pizza fix or I need Hell’s Kitchen to start airing again.


A Girl Never Forgets Her First Time

Da Goddess @ 02:33

…seeing a band that rocks her to the core.

Last night’s show was nothing short of incredible!

I shall elaborate later. And share photos. Must.sleep.now.


Whistling Dunny

Da Goddess @ 16:33

I don’t get out much anymore. What I mean is that my job keeps me busy and leaves me only one day off each week. I get up and get to work early, usually getting done with everything about 14hrs later. For my efforts, I am paid a pittance, but I have a roof over my head and a bit of food on the table. It is what it is and I mostly really like what I’m doing, so it’s okay.

When I do get out? Well, let me tell you! I go to some of the most interesting places. Like the park. The grocery store. Occasionally I also go to the $1 movies (everything that’s just about to hit on DVD). By the way, when I go to the movies? They actually cost $1.50. Close enough, right? Sometimes I get to see a show (courtesy of friends who work there and comp me tickets). Other times I’ll go sit in a Starbucks and chat with friends. Doesn’t really matter much as long as I’m out of the house.

Yesterday was a special day, though. I got to go to Round Table Pizza. Years ago, I worked for RT. For three years. I ate pizza morning, noon, and night. And was skinny as hell. Their pizza rules! So, yesterday my friend and I decided to go there for lunch. BEST. DECISION. EVER. I had three slices of pizza. Two cups of Pepsi. A little bleu cheese dressing (it’s an old RT 15 minute break trick…plus their bleu cheese rocks). I was stuffed, but super happy. Except…

The bathrooms at this place were terrible. Sewage smell. Always nice, amiright? But the best part…what really made the entire experience something to remember was the sound the toilet made when you flushed: it whistled! Not just a low sound. No. It was a full-on high-pitched whistle!

Now, you tell me: as a woman, it’s always nice to get a little whistle, isn’t it? Especially when you’re in a bathroom stall with your pants half pulled up.


For Anyone With Children or Anyone Who Loves a Child

Da Goddess @ 02:24

You never know when or if it could be a child you love, so act now.

April 12, 2012

Dear Childhood Cancer Advocate,

The Best Pharmaceuticals for Children Act (BPCA) and Pediatric Research Equity Act (PREA) are two critical federal laws that provide incentives and requirements for pharmaceutical companies to test their drugs for use in children. BPCA and PREA expire on October 1, 2012, and Congress is currently working to reauthorize these laws in advance of their sunset date.

While BPCA and PREA have made significant research advances in how medicines can be used in children, the laws have had a very modest impact on the development of new drugs for children with cancer. In fact, PREA itself has had no meaningful impact. We need your help to modify this law so that it can help children with cancer.

Under current PREA law, companies are required to study their drugs in children only if the drug is developed for a disease that occurs in both adults in children. Because common adult cancers – such as breast, colon, lung and prostate – typically do not affect children, companies receive waivers so they are not required to study these drugs in children with cancer even though they may hold great promise.

Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy (CCCA) is advocating for a proposal to strengthen PREA so that it can be used to encourage companies to evaluate whether their new cancer drugs can provide better and more effective treatment options for children with cancer.

Please take action today by contacting your Representatives and Senators to urge them to strengthen PREA for children with cancer. To see the language proposed for PREA that will advance therapies for children with cancer, and to send a letter to your Members of Congress, see the form below.

Thank you for adding your voice to this critical effort to help improve treatments for our children.

The CCCA Team

a message to your Representatives and Senators now!


Deadliest Catch is Back!

Da Goddess @ 04:00

Tonight is the night! I can’t wait. I watched the Season 7 recap special last week, but that was nothing special. Tonight, though, yay!


You Know It’s Easter When You Have Peeps Dust In Your Cleavage

Da Goddess @ 00:16

At least, that’s how I know it’s Easter.

So Kalo Pascha to all!

I’ll be making my real post on Easter next weekend in observance of Orthodox Easter.


Tagged – You May Be Next

Da Goddess @ 01:01


The questions:

1. What’s your favorite color?
I love purple. And green. And blue. Silver, too. Sometimes red.

2. If you get a plane ticket for free to go wherever you’d like – where would your final destination be?
Around the world! Australia first, then…everywhere else.

3. Is there anything in your life you always wanted to do and never had the chance to?
Oh yeah. But I figure if I don’t ever do it, then perhaps I wasn’t meant to do it at all.

4. Which one is your favorite movie classic? (Let’s say: Older than 20 years)
Was there originally a list of choices? I dunno. So, I’m going with Arsenic & Old Lace. Or Harvey. But then again, there are so many wonderful old films that I could be here listing them all day long.

5. If you were blond – would you mind the blonde-jokes (and of course if you ARE blonde – do you mind them?)
Yes, I’m blonde. No, I don’t mind them. Not at all.

6. What is it that always and 100% certain makes you laugh?
LD doing something goofy.

7. Where do you usually buy your clothes?
From a store. Oh, too snarky for ya? Well, it depends on where I am and if they have something I like and I happen to have a few bucks to spend on clothing. Which doesn’t happen often.

8. Does wind bother you or do you like it?
Wind is weird. Sometimes it sounds like angry voices (SoCal Santa Ana winds are like that). Other times it just sounds blustery and wild. And when it’s blustery, it reminds me of the blustery night when Pooh and Tigger first met.

9. What is it that you dislike about high school reunions?
I’ve been to all of them thus far and I like them for the most part. However, the last one had one attendee who made me uncomfortable and it did impact my enjoyment briefly. Otherwise, I love seeing how people have changed, how much they’ve grown, catching up on things with people.

10. Are you a cat or dog person?
Yes. Oh, I have to pick one? Can’t. I like them both. A cat is easier to take care of. A dog is more social and fun to take places. Why couldn’t I choose snakes or lizards or something?

11. Can movies make you cry and if yes – when was the last time you cried in a movie theater or in front of the TV?
Yes, and I just cried a little watching a documentary on Kevin Clash (the guy behind Elmo).

And now I must start tagging others…

The challenge is to answer the same questions …

um…and anyone else who might possibly be reading and want to answer. Just tell me in the comments section and I’ll add your link in the post.


Are You Grandma?

Da Goddess @ 22:51

The cabinet guy came by the other day to fix a few cabinet doors. Since the owners (my employers) were asleep, I answered the door, baby in arm. The guy does his little spiel about how he tried calling, etc., and I said, “c’mon in. I know they’ll be glad you’re here.” He looks at me and asks, “are you Grandma?”


I don’t have that much gray hair. And I’m freakin’ three years younger than the homeowner. Granted, had my life been different, had my children’s lives been different, I could be a grandmother. But I’m not. I think, too, it’s just a shitty question to ask someone. Especially a woman.

I told him, “No, I’m the nanny.”

Him: “Same thing.”

Oh, dude. You are so wrong. So very, very wrong. So totally, horribly, terribly wrong.

His words cut me. Deeply. I wanted to hurt him.

This was worse than the first time someone called me ma’am.

Am I Grandma? What kinda shit is that?

I don’t care how old a woman is…never ask her that. Let her offer the info. Otherwise, she may be offering to cut off the family jewels.


Piper Down!

Da Goddess @ 23:36

Shit. Hulu is down. What am I supposed to watch? What am I supposed to do instead?

I guess I’ll have to dig into my video collection. Regular TV just won’t work since I’ve already missed Mad Men tonight.