2021 – Day 39b

Da Goddess @ 05:44

There’s a post from yesterday (which I couldn’t publish due to connectivity issues) on another device I can’t access at the moment. In that post, I mention I’m working on something about the coronavirus and basic health concerns. It ties in with the discussion happening in the comments from rel=”noopener” target=”_blank”>this post.

As someone who spent a lot of money and time on education to become a registered nurse, and who spent a great deal of time continuing my education in the pursuit of practicing the best care possible (I still do this even though I’m no longer licensed because I want to stay informed and I like to learn), I value the wisdom that comes from those who are on the forefront of medical care — through research and clinical practice — and I have to take care to approach new information with an open mind free of personal or political bias. To be frank, disease doesn’t give a flying fuck what party you belong to or who you vote for. Disease just happens. And we fight disease with science, with fact, and with the knowledge that addresses the disease. Politics may decide funding and dissemination of information to the public, but the actual fight against the disease isn’t political for medical professionals on the frontline. It can’t afford to be.


, I have thoughts. So many thoughts. About Covid and healthcare in general. About how information is spread. About how people want to believe in practices other than that based on scientific and medical facts. I’m all for complementary medicine — homeopathy and holistic approaches — when they’re used in conjunction with that of conventional medicine. Together, that’s where the best stuff happens. I have a few too many friends who rely on homeopathic remedies and/or supplements as their own personal shields against disease and who then are surprised when they discover they’re ill.

Basically, my thoughts cover all of this and more and it’s coming. I just want to say it right.

So, please feel free to join the conversation in this other post and I can address topics of concern directly.

My goal isn’t to make anyone feel bad

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, but to open minds and hope that logic and common sense win out over what feels to be self-interest (even when it’s not intended as such).

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  1. In your TedTalk could you hold forth on the fact the numbers are highly inflated? That hospitals are paid more for covid cases, so EVERYthing is covid? *

    Colds and especially the flu, which usually kills a good amount of people every year, have been almost non-existent. Supposedly.

    *Nope, you’re not the only nurse I know. ;)

    Comment by pam — 2021/02/08 @ 08:49

  2. Hospitals do NOT get paid more for Covid cases. Hospitals are paid based on services and goods provided. Higher acuity care gets reimbursed at higher rates because of the level of care required to tend to those patients, the added supplies needed, and the increased number of bedside hours for healthcare staff.

    The numbers have not been inflated. Based on the reports I’ve read, if anything, we’ve had UNDERreported cases, mostly because many patients are “diagnosed” over the phone and not tested unless their symptoms worsen. In families of such patients, they’re under quarantine, but not counted as infected unless their symptoms become more pronounced.

    I will stipulate that the numbers HAVE increased, in part, because more people are being tested and CONFIRMED as opposed to being presumed positive. (Confusing, in that we still have people going untested while also increasing the numbers of people actually being tested. Much depends on where you live and the health system you are part of, as well as the types of resources available in the area.)

    Colds and flu have been making the circuit this season, but because of covid, more people opted for their influenza vaccine this year. I know my doc and my family’s docs have pushed it. Important to remember: colds and “flu” (as opposed to actual influenza, though also including it in this sense) may also be down this season due to people remaining at home, practicing better handwashing, masking, and social distancing. The same measures taken to reduce exposure/risk for Covid will help in reducing the number of cold/flu/influenza cases.

    In some ways, Covid is helping to keep us healthier because we’re being cautious about it. The very same protocols we use to reduce exposure to Covid help us to reduce exposure to other infectious diseases. It’s one of the very few blessings of this curse.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2021/02/10 @ 03:47

  3. Guess my sources in the health industry are liars.

    Comment by pam — 2021/02/10 @ 09:29

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