2021 – Day 1

Da Goddess @ 11:39

And how shall we begin the new year?

Let’s see:

Couldn’t sleep, so I played a word game all night while the cat slept on my head. I have fang marks imprinted on my forehead today.

Decided to go for a walk after I fed my cat and the kittens. Two plus miles?? I’m paying for it now (although I’ve been up and down the stairs a bunch of times, which always adds another layer of fun). But all’s good.

After prepping fresh veggies for my snacks this weekend, I took the leftovers down to the goats. We’ll see what they do with them. They’re finicky, which I thought was against goat law. I don’t even know with these two.

I’ve watched the dogs go crazy and chase each other (and the poor kittens) around the yard, take a dip in the pool, get muddy again, and then roll in poo. I’d have thought they’d worn themselves out after playing with the goats earlier (hilarious!), but Bristol has been extra wound up lately and can’t seem to sit still for long. Bandit just follows her lead.

I was going to do laundry at some point today, but have decided to wait a day or three. I have enough clean everything to last me a long while, so it’s better to be kind when I’ve overdone the walk (after several days off).

My next project us to go through email and unsubscribe from every newsletter I never bother reading any longer. I’ve done this a bit over the past few months and am ready to go full scorched earth on the damn things. I just don’t care about the majority of it.

That’s it for my first day. What are you up to?


  1. You have been far busier than my lazy self. What a way to welcome a new year!

    We need a new bed, fast. Can’t sleep and when I do wake feeling like someone beat me up.

    Anyway, happy 2021. Hope it’s gentle with us…

    Comment by pam — 2021/01/03 @ 06:57

  2. Fatigue does that to me sometimes. I think it’s my body’s way of telling me to hurry up with whatever I’m doing so I can finally get some rest.

    If you’re a Costco member, check out their mattresses. I needed a firm mattress and got mine there. It was very decently priced and it’s fantastic! MY sister and I had been to many MANY stores and I ended up with the perfect thing from Costco. I’d have never believed it possible otherwise.

    I hope you get a good night’s sleep soon.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2021/01/03 @ 11:21

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