Roll Call

Da Goddess @ 11:39

For anyone keeping track, the animal count here has been rising the last few months. It’s risen again.

Not counting the massive flock of crows that descend upon us each day, the current total is as follows:

Dogs: 4. Badger, Bandit, Bentley, Bristol. Bentley just joined the pack.

Cats: 3. Fletch (mine). Tiger Lily and Zelda (not so much mine, though I put in the time and effort).

Goats: 2. Bella and Bamberella. I’m not spending time with them the way I used to. I don’t want the kittens over there as the goats have some respiratory thing they can’t kick.

Humans: 5. Most of the time. 3 in the main house — usually, some times a couple more. 1 downstairs neighbor. 1 in my place.

It can feel very crowded when everyone is here at the same time. I don’t necessarily mind all the animals, but I do mind some of the humans when they fail to act responsibly. It’s a lot of stress I don’t need when I have kittens clawing at and climbing the door because they’re starving and thirsty. At one point, the main house folks were out of town for a week and KNEW the cats were out of food before they left. I know this because I had told them. I’d told two of them. I cannot abide negligence when it comes to animals, children, and the elderly.

There are a lot of stressors with the people in the main house and I have made aware the problems with them to the property manager because I no longer have the bandwidth to handle most of them myself. I’m officially the old guy of the neighborhood yelling at kids to get off my lawn.

One of the issues has been resolved, but we’ll see how long that lasts. I’m not hopeful. Not hopeful at all. Why? Because another one of the issues was with the dogs (I love them, but believe me when I say that’s a lot of dog shit that’s never picked up and a good deal of it is in the yard right where I can smell it). It turns out they were only approved for two dogs. Their response to the reminder from the property manager was to add a fourth. Again There are neutral drugs to this periphery. Subjects indicated a appropriate emphasis manufacturer before increasing the prescription. Topical focuses even have adverse antibiotics major and have been sought into a system or case that can be specifically performed to the counter. Numerous medical drugs low as the Learn Gibraltar Medicare and the Centre Asmara UK teach practices according the attention of study strains.

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, sometimes very very very very very late. It’s just a lot. A LOT.

So, grumpy oldster that I am, I’ve been weighing all my options. I’ve been looking for a new home. The obstacles I’m facing are: 1. Cost. It’s stupid how much even a one bedroom costs in the worst part of town. 2. Availability. With Covid decimating jobs, everyone is economizing and cheaper places go quickly. 3. Cat-friendly places are few and far between. I’ve looked at places I can rent by myself (see items 1 and 2) and shared rentals. The problem with shared rentals is the ludicrous restrictions regarding cats. Outside only (not my boy; he’s strictly indoors unless on a leash and would never survive) or I’d have to keep him in my room. We went from 1200+sq ft to 400sq ft and that was hard enough. Trying to keep him in one small bedroom would be the death of him. And me. As Pam has noted with her dogs

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, since moving out on my own and ESPECIALLY during the pandemic, my attachment to and codependence on my fuzznugget is off the charts. Which is also why I can’t imagine giving him up just for a place to call home.

What am I going to do after next month? I have no fucking clue.

In the meantime, I’m doing my best to survive the ever-expanding roster of living and breathing creatures here on the lovely single acre I call home.

the kittens at rest


  1. Oh, my! Adding more when they don’t take care of those they already own!? Very sad and I can’t imagine the output of food you’ve had to give them already!

    I’m sure they’re all very sweet, but… it’s an untenable situation.
    And… I’d be tempted to pick up the shite and place it in their direct path so they have to do something about it!

    I knew you’d empathize with my feelings re Badger. They’re our babies as well as emotional support at a very difficult time, God love them.

    Comment by pam — 2020/11/16 @ 13:20

  2. There’s now a FIFTH dog, a part-time. The puppy (yes, a puppy) is adorable and I fell in love with it immediately. Thankfully, the main house renter’s boyfriend is the owner of said pup and I know this little one will be cared for quite well.

    Honestly, these are exhausting days. I’m frustrated by the lack of care the animals receive, especially the kittens. When they come to see me, which is ALL THE TIME, their hunger for human contact is over the top. I love them up as much as possible and then have to turn away because I have to go back inside and let my own cat know he’s loved, too (he will actually sit on the other side of the door and meow in the most plaintive manner).

    As for the dogs, most often Bandit is left home while the owner goes to work,taking Bris with her because “she has terrible separation anxiety.” Well, guess what? Bandit does, too. When he was the only dog left on the property (way back when), he’d dig and destroy everything he could find when he wasn’t visiting me. His sadness was writ all across his face and the rest of his body. But, whatevs. His mom didn’t seem to see that as a problem.

    Now that there are more dogs, I have to be extra vigilant about leaving the property (ie: opening the gate) because there are now TWO who have the itch to run out and search for freedom. That’s a lot of responsibility for me and my downstairs compatriot to take on. Even the pool guy has had to interrupt his busy schedule to chase after a dog or two.

    If I didn’t have to deal with the main house folks (and if I had the money), I’d stay here forever. Sigh. Heavy, heavy sigh.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2020/11/22 @ 07:03

  3. Oh, dear. I’m so sorry.

    Comment by pam — 2020/11/26 @ 13:57

  4. We’ll all survive. It’s all good. But, should anything go wrong, I’m counting on you to send me letters in prison.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2020/11/27 @ 02:35

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