Ya Like Apples?

Da Goddess @ 01:20

Lamaur’s Apple Pectin shampoo used to be one of my favorite shampoos back in the day.

I was recently reminded of it when King Arthur bought a green apple scented hand soap at the 99¢ store. (Seriously, if you’re buying hand soap anywhere else, you’re wasting money!)

Then scent of the soap instantly had me swept away to the 80s. Maybe even the late 70s. It was a long time ago, so don’t ask me to be specific or accurate.

I can easily recall popping open the bottle for the first time. That smell! It was heavenly. It was springtime! It was autumn! It was everything! It filled my head with visions running through an orchard, holding hands with the boy of my dreams. I was wearing a flowing dress, long hair streaming behind me, the golden sun filling the world with its happy, hopeful Ray’s of delight! Yeah, I was a dreamer then, too.

Apparently, apple pectin shampoo is still around (kinda), but I don’t really need it as long as I have my hand soap from the 99¢ store.

Yeah, I like apples.


  1. I like apples too!

    It’s funny how a scent will transport you in space and time… two nights ago I swear I smelled my mom’s friend’s house in Whittier!

    Comment by pam — 2017/11/22 @ 04:16

  2. How cool! I mean, provided it was a good smell. :lol:

    Do you remember the scent of oilcloth? That makes me think of kindergarten and 1st grade.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2017/11/22 @ 21:18

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