Happy Valentine’s Day, My Lovelies!

Da Goddess @ 10:46

Happy Valentine's Day or whatever

Here’s hoping you have a Sam and Molly* moment or, perhaps, a Nickie and Terry┬░ moment (but only the part where they’re reunited, but without the need of a wheelchair) today.

Or better still, go listen to this. (Still don’t know how to do embeds from my phone.)

What I mean is: Happy Valentine’s Day!

* Ghost (1990) — the pottery wheel scene, not the whole Patrick Swayze dying and returning as a ghost part.

┬░ An Affair to Remember (1957) — Cary Grant & Deborah Kerr version because #CaryGrant, obviously.


  1. Happy Valentines! I’m home alone with a warm purring kitty and a cup of hot tea. (Way too much sugar today, tho!)

    Comment by Jan — 2017/02/14 @ 18:54

  2. That sounds like a perfect day to me! Throw in a book and I’m in heaven

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2017/03/02 @ 15:08

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