Da Goddess @ 11:54

Sometimes I get the urge to let my eyebrows go untended. You know, to set the tweezers aside and see what happens.

My steadfast efforts to tame the brows has, over the years, often left me with regrettable looks. Thankfully, brows grow back.

These days, there are evermore exceedingly pale hairs showing up. While they’re less visible, they cause me untold moments of discomfort and anxiety. Thick and pokey, they itch and, occasionally, sting as they come in.

I tend to stay right on top of each hair as it appears, quickly tweezing it away with a tenacious swiftness that borders on obsession; a pathology of some unspecified origin.

But this past week, with raging sinus pain, I did nothing. I cared not one whit about the prickly entities pushing up through the skin over my eyes, threatening to unite in the middle of my forehead. I did nothing. Even now that I feel better, I’m casually considering the possibility of doing nothing about the brows. Not forever. Just for another week. To see what happens. To see if the thicket grows to some remarkable unibrow of magnificence.

Or, maybe my sinuses have finally rotted my brain to allow me to ponder such a thing.

Eh. I doubt I make it to Wednesday. Like everything else in life, there are just some ideas that are meant to be discarded for their sheer lunacy.


  1. “remarkable unibrow of magnificence”

    LOL! You and me both!

    Hope you feel better soon…!! This has been the worst year yet for my allergies and thus sinuses. Blech.

    Comment by pam — 2016/08/11 @ 10:29

  2. I didn’t even make it to the end of the night. It’s an obsession. I can’t go that long ever again.

    My legs, however, are reminiscent of a Sasquatch.

    I hope you’re doing better, Pam. You’ve been through too much this year.


    Comment by Da Goddess — 2016/08/22 @ 12:59

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