We’re All in Recovery Now

Da Goddess @ 02:54

It’s been a fairly shitty couple of weeks around here.

We said goodbye to my darling Mojo and have been dealing with her absence, fretting about the drive. She arrived in Alaska safely and we all breathed a sigh of relief.

I ended up in the emergency department twice in one day for my back. Spent much of the next six days fighting back tears because I hurt so damn bad 24/7.I’m only now getting to a semi-comfortable place.

Then I get word that a friend’s cancer has spread and gone from survivable to inoperable and terminal. That was after finding out two other friends are battling cancer, too. It’s heavy on the heart, y’know?

Celia had to be rushed to the vet on Thursday as she had stopped eating, drinking, using the litterbox, and went into hiding. Her ears had bubbled up, as had part of her nose and a paw. Luckily, we found a new vet who said it was likely a food allergy, treated her with steroids and antibiotics (secondary infection from open wounds), and sent her home with us. Once home, we closed off the rest of the house so we could get to her and, lo and behold! She ate. And she started acting like our little princess again.

Of course, all that was manageable…and then I get The Call. My sister called to say my mom was in the hospital after having what they thought was a stroke. Now they say it was likely a T.I.A. or two. Her left arm, hand, leg, and foot are weak and she’s complaining that there’s some weakness on the right as well. At this point, I simply lifted my eyes to the heavens and begged for all her pain and infirmaty to become mine. I don’t care that she’s 80! My mom deserves better.

And now here I sit…praying like there’s no tomorrow.

If there’s another shoe or two? No, thanks. I have plenty. Besides, my feet have been swelling.


  1. ((Big Hugs)). It always seems to come all at once. Argh. I feel you pain. We’re not doing all that much better over here.
    Sending prayers, thoughts, and good vibes your way. We’ll get through this….at least, that’s what I keep saying!
    Take care of yourself. ~XxxOoo

    Comment by DogsDontPurr — 2015/06/07 @ 13:49

  2. Sending prayers your way, too, Marcie! And hugs. Always hugs.

    Thankfully, Mom is now in skilled nursing and on the road to recovery.

    Next up, LD’s graduation on Thursday.


    Comment by Da Goddess — 2015/06/08 @ 14:23

  3. Praying for all of you! And listen, it must be a typo, but I thought I read that LD is graduating…?

    Hopefully everything is on the upswing for everyone!

    Comment by pam — 2015/06/10 @ 15:45

  4. Yes, he graduated! No typo there. Hard to believe, huh?

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2015/06/14 @ 14:33

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