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King Arthur’s daughter-in-law lost her father last week and so we attended the funeral. While at the church for the service, KA’s granddaughter was brought in by the lovely Lady M and Lord R. I first saw her from behind and her beautiful back of the head and her curls made my non-existent ovaries ache in the most awful way. Then another toddler arrived. He had gorgeous little curls at the nape of his neck, too. If I still had a womb it would have wept.

There’s something absolutely delicious about baby hair. The locks that gently twist around and fall softly upon their wee bodies are most delightful. Perfect sweetness. Just as unblemished as the new skin of child. It’s innocence in follicular form. Everything precious and hopeful is wrapped up in each tendril.

I know there are many who feel funerals are not the place for children — especially the very young. But I disagree. The solemnity of the day was eased away by the presence of babies and all the joy they bring with them. They’re a reminder of what life is all about, why we do what we do, and why we care. The laughter and gentleness of children are what fill our lives with joy and they are the perfect antidote to sadness. I’m glad they were there. And I’m glad they brought along their curls.


  1. That was just lovely, Goddess. To take such hope and joy away from a sad event is a gift… and writing about so eloquently shares that experience with us all…


    Comment by pam — 2015/03/23 @ 05:19

  2. :)

    Comment by The RightWingTexan — 2015/03/23 @ 06:30

  3. I hadn’t known the gentleman who died, but I was touched by the stories his children shared. Made me think about my own father and what I’d say about him.

    The babies were just wonderful. Made my loneliness (I felt very much the outsider as I knew VERY FEW people there) go away.

    GARY! So nice to see you ’round these parts! Hope all is well with you!

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2015/03/27 @ 02:23

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