And This is Why I Don’t Plan Ahead

Da Goddess @ 03:29

Missed out on McCartney, sadly. Both King Arthur and I were completely wiped out from running errands the day before. We could hardly move. And that’s why I rarely plan ahead these days.

Still playing the waiting game with the insurance company.

I have, however, managed to log in some crazy time on clearing the old DVR of movies and such. Saw Parental Guidance the other night after we’d played games forever. It was funny. And it made me cringe when it was apparent that the kids were all being reared in that “we don’t say ‘no’ to our children manner that’s so prevalent these days. There were also baseball games without scores. You know, the ones were every kid gets a trophy just for participating. Between the three of us watching, we were ready to strangle the people behind such idiotic ideas. World: our kids need to know that not every one wins every time in life. You have to prepare your kids for life in the real world. Want them to feel good about themselves whether they win or lose? Show them you love them by giving them boundaries, by hugging them, and by encouraging them to give their best effort each and every time they attempt something. It’s great to win, but it’s also important to get out there and try, no matter the outcome. We learn best and appreciate true success when we have something to compare it to. What didn’t work? What do we need to do to improve ourselves for the next challenge that presents itself?

Yes, I’ve thought about that many times. It pisses me off when I hear that sort of drivel.

Made it out to the antique flea market on Sunday. It was a lot of fun. Found some amazing things and didn’t buy anything. Everyone else did, though. I’m good with that. It was just nice to be out in the sunshine with friends.

Now it’s time for me to start on some LD stuff. His birthday is this week and I’ve sent his card out already, but am awaiting his gift, which will have to arrive in his mailbox late. Got Mojo’s gift on the way, too, since she’s just a month away from her birthday. King Arthur’s birthday is a few days after LD’s and I have that to contend with. I hope he likes what I got him.

And with that, I’m off. Can’t do much more on the computer right now as it’s heating up and flickering to beat the band. New computer, please arrive upon my doorstep soon.


  1. Day two of furlough, so I can’t really plan anything, congress could de-ass themselves at any minute. Or not. Sigh.

    Comment by Jan — 2013/10/02 @ 15:46

  2. that just sucks. wish those in charge had to suffer the way you and other govt workers do.


    Comment by Da Goddess — 2013/10/03 @ 21:45

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