Goodbye Edward

Da Goddess @ 01:15

General Hospital did it right in the last two episodes. In crafting a story to say goodbye to John Ingle (who was the last actor to play Edward Quartermaine), they figured a way that allows the action of other stories to keep moving forward, yet still pays tribute to Edward, the dysfunctional Quartermaines, and their history with the soap.

Most touching to me was the ending with Edward and Lila.

John Ingle died in September of this year. Anna Lee died in 2004. And yet, for a moment, we had them back together, guiding their odd family and then finally walking off to get back to the business of loving one another.

It broke my heart.

As much as we’re having to endure big changes at GH, I have to say, when they get it right, the GET. IT. RIGHT.

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