He’s Home!

Da Goddess @ 21:23

Dad got home today and was very surprised by the changes in the house. “It looks like I have a brand new house!” Not a new house, just an improved one. And we still have a few more projects to tackle before we consider this *done*.

Thus far, he’s settled in and is comfortable, which makes me happy. My big sis and I left him alone long enough to run out and do some shopping for him. One of our big challenges will be getting Dad to eat healthfully while he’s recovering from surgery. 1) Most older people have decreased flavor receptors. 2) He’s had so many changes in health over the last few years, he can’t eat much of what he really loves. 3) He’s been preparing all his own foods, most of which are microwavable and not as nutritious as they need to be. So, what do we do? We get creative. And we offer food even if he says he’s not hungry.

The house is safe. Dad’s home. We all had a nice afternoon together. And we’re calling it a success!


  1. Yay! A bright spot in an otherwise horrific week. :D

    Comment by pam — 2012/11/08 @ 04:39

  2. Exactly, Pam!

    Hard to be in a house full of people who are probama, but we shall survive this, too.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/11/08 @ 09:39

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