A Heavy Heart Bids Farewell To Lex

Da Goddess @ 03:52

Lex. One day he’s blogging. The next day he’s gone. Sadly, it’s true (links also have links to many other beautiful and heartfelt tributes — have tissues ready).

You’d think after ten years of blogging you’d get used to losing a friend here or there. But death is shocking no matter what and I certainly never imagined this was in the cards for Lex.

Lex was a dear man. The kind to leave a sweet, funny, supportive comment, or send an email when he felt he could offer fresh perspective. Just seeing his name in the old inbox was enough to make me smile.

I was just thinking about him a couple days ago, too. I had a question only he could answer. In fact, I knew he’d already answered it for me once before but I had to ask again. I didn’t get the chance. Yet that’s hardly the worst thing in the world. No, the worst thing is not having the right words to share with his family; to thank them for sharing him with us; to thank them for being his support system and living the military life as he chased his dreams and kept us all safe from the evils that lurk out there.

Lex was a good man. A decent, hardworking, dedicated, devoted man. He believed in love (of family, of country); he believed in freedom (and fought and died for it); he believed in America (all its flaws and all its strengths — of which he was one of this country’s greatest strengths); he believed in lending a hand and sharing a kind word, shared laughter, thoughtfulness, being honorable, and so much more.

He was an excellent writer, too. His stories could draw you in with a single word.

But, mostly, Carroll LeFon (as those outside the blogosphere knew him) was a man who put his heart and soul into everything he did, keeping in mind that the most important reasons for all that hard work could be found at home: his family. “… ‘Married to the best girl I ever met, who also delivered up three wonderful children. Don’t really know how I could be happier, or more blessed,’ he wrote…”

To his family and close friends, my heart goes out to you. You are in my prayers and I am so very grateful to all that you have given us all these years.

Carroll “Neptunus Lex” LeFon — rest in peace. We salute you, my friend.


  1. :(

    Comment by pam — 2012/03/08 @ 05:33

  2. As soon as I heard about a crash I thought it might be Lex. Damn shame. Really is.

    Comment by Retired Navy CPO — 2012/03/08 @ 07:09

  3. From what I’ve read it sounds like I really missed out, not being familiar with him and/or his blog before now. RIP Captain Lex, and thank you for your service.

    Comment by Stu — 2012/03/08 @ 13:15

  4. Stu, now’s as good a time as any to dig into his archives.

    It’s a very weird time right now for all of us. Lex was a great guy and he is terribly missed.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/03/10 @ 03:05

  5. The outpouring of emotions both on NepLex site and the newly created FB page have been unbelievable. The number of people throughout the world is truley amazing. Services to be held 1300 27 March at Ft. Rosecrans. All are invited.

    Comment by SoCal Pir8 — 2012/03/16 @ 11:01

  6. Thanks for the update on the service. I wish I could attend. Since I won’t, please let me know where his marker is so I can visit him and pay my respects the next time I’m in town.

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/03/17 @ 05:23

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