Highly Quotable

Da Goddess @ 00:48

Imagine reading an article about a musician you once supported with great zeal and halfway through the piece you see a quote taken from an interview you did with said musician.

Yep. Just happened. The part about Home Depot. The interview was in 2006. We had a falling out right about that time. Okay, exactly at that time. And many tried to squelch any posting of links to that interview on Blogcritics because it was done by me.  Yet it gets quoted on Gibson’s website.



Ironic, ain’t it, Stu?


  1. Ah, so you’re the ‘fan forum’. Nice to be recognized, eh? ;)

    Comment by pam — 2011/12/08 @ 05:37

  2. Yes indeed. Seems you’re still being squelched, with the other quotes being credited accurately and your piece identified as only a ‘fan forum’ comment as Pam pointed out.

    Got a link to that Blogcritics interview? It would be interesting to see if you were quoted word-for-word, or maybe he told the same story elsewhere?

    Comment by Stu — 2011/12/08 @ 07:25

  3. http://blogcritics.org/music/article/interview-joe-bonamassa-part-ii-hidden/page-4/

    Comment by Stu — 2011/12/08 @ 11:45

  4. Pretty funny! Does this count as hitting the big time?

    Comment by Jan — 2011/12/09 @ 19:32

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