Lost My Head

Da Goddess @ 02:57

Let’s skip the sad, angry bit of how it all came about and just get right down to it, shall we? I’ve lost my head.

My beautiful clear glass head which was to hold all sorts of things for a series of images I’ve wanted to do now for two years. So, if you find a clear glass head (human sized), for rather cheap, please let me know right away! Post something in the comments and I’ll email you back quickly.

I do know that Pier 1 has some for around $20. I may go that route since that’s where I got my last head. This new one seems a bit “delicate” though. I want something more rugged or at least a little beat up. Character is everything. Like this target=”_blank”>woman’s head on ebay. I like the amber. And the hairstyle. Color me weird.


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  1. My daughter has one of those clear glass heads – haha
    hope you find yours :)

    Comment by patti — 2011/12/04 @ 15:49

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