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Believe it or not, that brilliant reflection of a Cross on the dome of the Church is not the result of a filter or any trick added in after the shot. The symbol of the Cross is always present. The gold tiles upon the dome were not arranged in any manner to cause the light to reflect in that way. The tiles themselves are the same as the tiles used on similar churches around the world. Only a few churches are lucky enough to have this Cross appear. Ours is one of them.

To be surrounded by beauty and gentle hearts all morning, to read of the suffering of Christ on the Cross made my complaints seem so petty. It’s always good to put things into perspective every once in a while. Today was ideal for that.


  1. It’s because the dome is a near-perfect hemisphere above where it slopes out to form the dome. Means you had a great architect, but it’s still totally cool.

    Comment by caltechgirl — 2005/04/29 @ 17:05

  2. WOW!!! Beautiful pict!

    Comment by G-Man — 2005/04/30 @ 09:26

  3. Happy Easter, Joanie! *smile*

    Comment by Roscoe — 2005/05/01 @ 11:29

  4. it is a gorgeous pic.

    Comment by mlah — 2005/05/02 @ 19:11

  5. Where is the church?

    The cross reflection in the dome reminds me of the Japanese mirrors – metal mirrors which would focus light rays into an image of a cross. They emerged during the early missionary days, when Christian symbols were outlawed. On the surface, it’s just an ordinary metal mirror. (I can’t find it in a Google search.)

    Comment by Mike — 2005/05/03 @ 12:51

  6. Oh, that is just beautiful!!! The shot, and the cross.

    Comment by Carin — 2005/05/05 @ 07:43

  7. The picture captured my attention but, it was absolutely beautiful what you just said. Consider this: without the resurrection, our faith would be meaningless. Glory! Makes me want to tell the whole world.

    Comment by oregano — 2005/05/06 @ 20:18

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