DaGoddess @ 20:41

Who could have a hardened heart when this is staring back at you?

Little Dude 007

Little Dude 010

Little Dude 014

Photo Friday entry for “Soft”


  1. Such a beautiful lad! No wonder you are one of the proudest Mum’s I know.

    Comment by Rae — 2005/04/23 @ 22:51

  2. He has the most beautiful, sensitive eyes. You did well!!

    Comment by Dana — 2005/04/24 @ 07:50

  3. What a looker! You have every right to be proud!

    Comment by Janette — 2005/04/24 @ 16:44

  4. Dang. That is one handsome fella you’ve got. Is it just me, or does he look a bit like Toby McGuire?

    Comment by Sol — 2005/04/24 @ 18:58

  5. Hey There! Yup, I’m back in blog. Little Dude is a very handsome fellow – aren’t you looking forward to those lovely teen years with all of the fawning females????? LOL…Yup, I’m still one to point out the bright side! Hope you’re feeling better!!!

    Comment by PJ — 2005/04/25 @ 16:58

  6. Yes, he does remind me of Toby McGuire! Wonderful photos, especially that first one with the higher contrast. Dreamy.

    Comment by Gardenwife — 2005/04/25 @ 21:32

  7. Wow. Just incredible.

    How old is he again? Keep an eye on the neighborhood girls, and pray the girls at school behave themselves. He’ll be a heartbreaker. ;^)

    Comment by Lornkanaga — 2005/04/26 @ 07:29

  8. Damn he’s getting big.

    Comment by Anton — 2005/04/26 @ 09:40

  9. Oh, sure he’s cute….but he’s a little devil some days, too.

    Ahh…but I like him anyway. His Spongebob game is fun….and he doesn’t mind my playing it. So he’s OK in my book..

    Comment by greg — 2005/04/26 @ 10:42

  10. Great photos! (as always…) :)

    Comment by yayaempress — 2005/04/26 @ 12:08

  11. The pix aren’t showing up for me…

    WHAAAAHHH!!!!!!! I wanna see too!

    Comment by Madame Butterfly — 2005/04/26 @ 15:24

  12. It’s easy to have a great eye when you have such an great subject.

    Comment by M+ — 2005/04/26 @ 16:11

  13. He’s so handsome Joanie. I can’t believe how much older he looks.

    Comment by Kate — 2005/04/26 @ 18:55

  14. He wants to go to the movies he can damn well earn the money the way I did. Pestering Mom until she’s ready to scream.

    Comment by Alan Kellogg — 2005/04/27 @ 14:25

  15. Damien Lives!

    The truth about pre-teens. Would you trust your daughter to this child?:)…

    Comment by Mythusmage Opines — 2005/04/27 @ 14:29

  16. He should be nominated for GOP Dude of the Week at jerseygop.com :)

    Comment by LCVRWC — 2005/04/28 @ 07:21

  17. My kid’s cuter….but then again, I’m biased in her favor. ;)

    Comment by Mad Mikey — 2005/04/29 @ 16:29

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