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Some day I shall rattle on and on about how much I love Cheap Trick and why I think they are THE band. I will. Until that time, here’s a rare one from the band:

By the way, I do feel like a loser since I won’t be seeing CT at the Belly Up in April. Just couldn’t manage that trip out or the $80 ticket for the show. Oh well. I’ll catch them somewhere down the line.


  1. Never heard this one before, but good stuff!
    :thumbs: :thumbs:

    Comment by diamond dave — 2010/03/19 @ 02:36

  2. I saw them in concert at the Boston Garden eons ago. They were great! Would have been better without opposite end of the place nosebleed seats, but so glad I went. By eons I mean it was circa 1980, probably not later than 1981.

    Comment by Jay — 2010/03/19 @ 18:23

  3. I’ve seen them a number of times but not recently and it’s time to return to the fun.

    As for this particular tune, I’d not heard it either and it was a wonderful find.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2010/03/19 @ 19:15

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