Come on Over to the Dark Side, Y’all

DaGoddess @ 21:12

I’ve probably seen Eddie & the Cruisers a million and four times. I used to work in a video store and this was one of our favorite movies to play. I knew all the lines. I knew every look. I knew every note played. In short, I loved the movie in a most unhealthy manner.

I heard this song on the radio today and now you must join in the fun.

I obviously made it safely to San Diego. The flight itself was good, but I was in bad shape. My back… sheesh. Just scary. I spent a couple hours in the emergency room this afternoon. Got a shot of dilaudid and vistaril. Got a refill on my meds, finally. The attorney is working on getting me into a regular doctor. I may be having to fly back here every month or two to see someone, but if that means my pain will be properly managed, I’m cool with that.

Little Dude is here with me and the four dogs we’re caring for this week. So far, it’s been just a little noisy and lots of fun. LD and the puppy are getting along well. Molly even let him pick her up (she’s been running away from me unless I have food for her).

And now we’re going to hang out and do a lot of nothing for tonight.

I’m a bit sore, but I’m happy to be here.


  1. Oh, no! Feel better!! Hugs to LD!! :hug:

    Comment by Pam — 2010/03/13 @ 06:30

  2. Ow. Sorry to hear about the back issues, but glad you’re getting in some LD time. :hug:

    Wow, that video brings back memories. Haven’t heard that song since my senior year in high school. :thumbs:

    Comment by diamond dave — 2010/03/13 @ 07:35

  3. Hope you’re feeling better reallly soon!!! I still have my Eddie and the Cruisers cassette tape!

    Comment by JihadGene — 2010/03/14 @ 08:54

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