Shake, Rattle, and Roll

DaGoddess @ 04:07

We just had a nice little….er…medium-sized trembler. I happened to be up. Even if I hadn’t been, this would have awakened me.

How do you know it’s a real quake? When your heart sits in your throat and won’t come back down.

Two minutes later and half the neighborhood is active.

Magnitude: 4.0


  1. Glad you’re okay. How did the Smash’s fair? They haven’t had a post in a few days–I’m assuming that they’ve been too busy what with the Mrs resting and the Mr doing all the caretaking. (what a sweetie he is!)

    Comment by Lornkanaga — 2005/04/12 @ 11:44

  2. I don’t know how people do it on a regular basis… the whole ‘dealing with’ an earthquake thing. I doubt I could.
    God bless you, and keep you guys safe.

    Comment by M+ — 2005/04/12 @ 19:01

  3. Hey we even have them here even if we don’t know it till we read it in the paper and then I say that’s why the bed was was shaking without the washing machine running. I glad that your ok . I’m just a little so on the up take. love ya ga

    Comment by georgia — 2005/04/12 @ 20:47

  4. What quake? This building I dwell in doesn’t move for anything much below a 5.

    You live in NYC (tectonic wimps) I can see getting excited over a 4, but out here it’s another matter entirely.


    Comment by Alan Kellogg — 2005/04/12 @ 23:01

  5. Oh, jeez, Joanie! I don’t know how y’all stand it. Of course, we get tornadoes here.

    Comment by Gardenwife — 2005/04/12 @ 23:29

  6. Michigan may have 9 months of winter, but we don’t have wildfires, mudslides, Tsunami, hurricanes, or Earthquakes.

    We get some tornadoes once in a blue moon, but damn…

    Comment by Thomas — 2005/04/13 @ 06:43

  7. Michigan may have 9 months of winter

    And almost 3 months of mugginess…. leaving what, 2 weeks of really nice weather? I’ll take my chances with West Coast disasters any day, thank you.

    And tornadoes scare me more than earthquakes. Any day.

    Comment by Brian B — 2005/04/13 @ 11:03

  8. I remember a 7.9 we had in Alaska (just one of many). The room shook for about two minutes. The cat ran in circles meowing and the washer and dryer sounded like they were trying to walk out into the hallway. When the wife woke up and asked what was that I told her it was an earthquake. Then we went back to sleep. A 4 comeon ;-)

    Comment by Azygos — 2005/04/13 @ 18:04

  9. Yeah, but as short as some of them may be, we have 4 FULL SEASONS. And the mugginess is mostly more towards the center of the state. It’s far too windy/breezy to be muggy here in the Western Michigan area.

    We also have Lilacs and Lily of the Valley. If you’ve never spent a spring, REAL SPRING, morning working in the dirt and smelling the combined perfume from those two… Then you’ve missed out on something absofrickinlutely magical.

    Summer evenings were the sun shines bright until 10:30pm, the smell of burning leaves in the fall as you walk through the leaf filled orchard hugging your partner when the merest hint of a chill is felt, white snow clinging to trees like it’s glued to them: Yeah. Keep your earthquakes.

    Comment by Thomas — 2005/04/14 @ 05:36

  10. I don’t figure out that they’re earthquakes until after the fact. One time, when I lived in a first floor apartment, I couldn’t figure out why my upstairs neighbor was dancing in the early morning. That wasn’t my neighbor; that was the Whittier quake in 1987.

    Comment by Ontario Emperor — 2005/04/14 @ 22:13

  11. Ummm… Thomas, you do realize there’s more to the West Coast than SoCal, right? NorCal, ORegon, and Washington ALL have 4 seasons too. And yes, we here in OR also have lilacs, and lillies, and Rhododendrons, and Daffodils, and Hyacinth, and so many varieties of wildflowers your head would spin. As for all the other things you described, yup, wer have them too, deep evergreen forests blanketed in fog, and still green in deep winter, (I’ve lived in the midwest, and know how barren it can look after the leaves are gone), as well as some of the most gorgeous coastline in the country, and real mountains. So yea, I’ll take my earthquakes, thanks.

    Comment by Brian B — 2005/04/15 @ 12:26

  12. Well… The cat warming my feet and I slept through it. So either the quake wasn’t very strong, or my pain meds are (doesn’t explain the cat not waking, though).

    Comment by Mrs. Smash — 2005/04/15 @ 12:29

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