Needles and Pins

DaGoddess @ 21:46

Gradually coming back to life after the injection today. Thank God for sedation! I don’t remember anything after they started the Fentanyl and Versed.

I’m sore, cranky, and my throat feels somewhat tight – all normal for this procedure.

The injection was to the epidural space instead of the nerve root. I’m not sure exactly which steroid they used, but I can always ask for copies of the notes later.

The numbness and tingling continue. I still have muscle spasms, too. Time is both my enemy and friend. The true test of the effectiveness should be apparent within a couple of days. For now….I wait.

Special note of thanks to the incredible Muffin, Anton. While I was off playing with needles, he restored my sidebar. Things are still wonky, but now I can surf blogs on occasion! WOO HOO! I am so lucky to have him helping me out.


  1. Hope you’re feeling better soon!

    Comment by yayaempress — 2005/04/08 @ 09:49

  2. It’s Friday

    And I need to let people know I’ve moved over here, so here are 10 yummy links: 1. I love Rachel Lucas. This is exactly why I have a dog. 2. Dean’s World turns 3 today. Pretty good longevity for…

    Comment by Not Exactly Rocket Science — 2005/04/08 @ 14:34

  3. Hugs and kisses J, I hope you feel better very soon!!!

    Comment by Dawn — 2005/04/08 @ 17:22

  4. Get well soon vibes heading your way!

    Comment by Ith — 2005/04/08 @ 18:03

  5. Why do I have a Ramones’ tune going through my head?

    Ah, yes- “I wanna be sedated.”

    Get Well. Or else!

    Comment by Michael — 2005/04/08 @ 18:16

  6. Hoping the injections help enough that your body can quickly dissolve any loose pieces of good that may be near your nerves. I know first hand how awful that is.

    Speedy recovery to you. Miss you like crazy!

    Comment by Thomas — 2005/04/09 @ 07:17

  7. miss you, Joanie!
    Lots of hugs from both John and I.

    My life has been crazy too. I barely have time to do the laundry between trips.

    We will see you in Vegas, promise!

    Comment by beth — 2005/04/09 @ 07:43

  8. Hope you’re feeling better soon. I enjoy your pictures.

    Comment by seawitch1261 — 2005/04/09 @ 07:54

  9. Sidebars are good! I mourned the loss of mine, and it turned out to be because my previous host had my MT cgi app in its own folder…AWAY from the stylesheet.

    Good to see you. I think about you every day and am praying for you to get relief. (((many hugs!))) Wish I could bring pizza and a movie over – we’d have a great time, I bet. :)

    Comment by Gardenwife — 2005/04/09 @ 10:50

  10. Hope you are doing A – OK – -Joanie !


    Comment by bob — 2005/04/09 @ 12:15

  11. Good luck. I had two and it made it worse. You should know what they use. Some do more harm than good. Excellent resources and support here.

    Comment by Kevin — 2005/04/09 @ 18:46

  12. Hi Joanie. Watch how you move, cause sometimes that Fentanyl can still mask injuries, and you then re-injure yourself. Sounds like Cortisone or Epidural injections. They really help many of our patients.

    Good Luck, and keep healing!


    Comment by Sapper Mike — 2005/04/10 @ 05:34

  13. Feel better soon, Goddess!
    Much love being sent from FLA!

    Comment by Amanda — 2005/04/10 @ 14:26

  14. Warmest wishes for a speedy recovery from my gang!

    Comment by Victor — 2005/04/11 @ 06:21

  15. Ahem, if I may. Being an ER nurse and a long time back pain sufferer; here are a few tips I’ve learned along the way.
    Postpone the back operation for as long as possible-during that time, exercise your abs and loosen your quads. Tight quads equal undue pressure on your lower back. Oh man, I wish I could show ya…tight quads actually pull your upper torso backwards, so that your head actually is pulled backwards. Probably not enough to physically see it, but the pressure to your lower back is there. By strengthening your abs you help to pull your upper torso back into alignment.
    Also, use a chiropractor and/or cranialsacrol therapy with myofascial release. These modalities really help with the stiffness and pain.
    I have gone 14 years since my initial injury without surgery. Sure there are days when I can’t “bounce” out of bed but hey, I can still work/walk/have a life without the supposed benefits of back surgery!
    Good luck!!!!!

    Comment by Steve — 2005/04/15 @ 09:23

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