Please, No. Please, Please, Please, Pretty Please — NO!

DaGoddess @ 07:21

I’m hoping and praying what I’m feeling is nothing more than a temporary condition. Pray with me. Please.

I cannot afford a kidney infection.

I’m downing massive quantities of cranberry juice at the moment.

Please…no. I have no insurance. And this isn’t like the one I had after surgery. This wouldn’t be covered by work comp.

No kidney infection. No kidney infection. No kidney infection.

That is the mantra for the day.


  1. Oh, crap! Do you have any herbs in the house?? This site has a good reference table. [About halfway down the page]

    Your local shop should have preparations of some if not all the herbs needed.


    (DG says: I’ve disabled the link [sorry, Pam] because I’m firmly against herbal remedies after seeing firsthand the damage they can do. Kidneys, bladder, any organ under stress cannot tolerate many “natural” remedies and people can and do become very ill from the toxic effects of the remedies when they cannot filter them properly)

    Comment by Pam — 2009/04/21 @ 08:54

  2. Here’s a recipe that I got from a Tibetan Lama many years ago that helps clear up kidney infections and dissolves kidney stones.

    Barley Water Kidney Flush

    1/2 cup of pearl barley.
    Place in sauce pan and cover with water.
    Simmer until Barley is cooked and the water is cloudy with a slight pink hue.
    Strain out the Barley and pour water into a gallon container. Fill with water or Cranberry juice.
    Mix in favorite powdered drink mix if using water.
    Drink a gallon a day for ten days to flush kidneys.
    Eat no egg whites during this period.

    Good Luck.

    Comment by Griz325 — 2009/04/21 @ 13:00

  3. I don’t do any herbal preparations. Part of the problem with these items is that they are hard on the kidneys and I’ve been down that road before. If you’re already getting a bladder or kidney infection, it really does not serve you well to add stress to them.

    Thanks anyway for the pointers.

    I’m drinking tons of cranberry. And I’m hoping this is just a case of being a little dehydrated the last couple of days.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/04/21 @ 16:24

  4. I’m repeating your mantra for no kidney infection and another for universal health care.

    Comment by Jenn @ Juggling Life — 2009/04/21 @ 20:40

  5. Thank you, Jenn.

    Please see my comments in a new post regarding universal healthcare.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/04/21 @ 23:11

  6. […] had this conversation with Pam via email regarding my possible bladder/kidney infection and I feel I should take a moment to explain myself to everyone. The reason? Because in the last […]

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