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Also a photo could be inserted here. At which time, you would all oooooh and awwww and leave pleasing comments and lay money at the blogger’s feet. Because the photo would move you in ways unexpected. And because said blogger needs to be able to purchase a rather large quantity of 4×6 or 5×7 albums for an upcoming ginormous pre-deployment shoot (or two) for some Marines and their families. Not only that, she must also print 20-30 photos for said albums for said Marines so that they have a little lifeline to home.

(Tip jar on right sidebar works exactly as one would expect it should if this were a real post. Please throw all spare change in its way. The blogger would appreciate it greatly.)

All joking aside: With Memorial Day Weekend closing in on us, what better way to honor those who have come and gone by honoring those who have stepped into their combat boots and begun their march toward the American Way. San Diego has two large pre-deployment photo sessions coming up for our military and their families. Supplies are needed. Each Marine or Sailor deployed must receive an album 4×6 or larger (6×6 is the largest that fits into pockets on camo pants I hear), that can hold up to 30 photos. The books must be sturdy as they serve as a lifeline between the deployed and those left at home. Each photographer is then also responsible for sendng the completed book to wherever the person is deployed. The families pay not a single cent.

did tell you I’d ask you for help when the time came. The time has come. Our first big shindig is in two and a half weeks and I must have my portion of the albums paid for prior to that time. What better time to ask than just before Memorial Day Weekend?

Also of note, this weekend, the Cigar Marine will be participating at the Glen Abbey Memorial Park in Bonita on Monday, May 25.

For those of you wondering why I’m getting involved with Operation: Love Reunited before my own personal finances are stable, go to Nick Popaditch’s website and you’ll understand. Each man and woman who deploys faces the unknown. I feel it’s my duty to give them an hour or two of family fun captured in photos to keep at their sides when they’re going into areas that are likely unsafe. I want them to feel the love and the power and the pride of the MANY who stand proudly behind them.

The album, it’s just a placeholder for the hearts of the people a Marine, Sailor, Airman, or Soldier. But it’s a placeholder with meaning. Not just for them, but also for me, for the other photographers, and for the community at large.

Anticipated expenses per family session are $15. If I shoot 25 families each time, that’s 50 families at $15/each and that comes in at $750 outlie for me. I don’t have it.

Why? Why would I even attempt this if I don’t have the money? Well, for one simple reason: for every family watching someone get on a boat or a plane and heading off to the unknown, they don’t know if there will be someone coming back or not. But they will have the memories of the session. The deployed will have their beautiful faces to keep him or her company when they are frightened, when they feel there’s no hope. It’s worth asking for help from you to give them that. I can do the photography. I can capture those memories. I can print and assemble and mail the albums off as long as I have your help. And I can be here if someone finds themselves in need of a shoulder to cry on. That’s what I can do. And I’m also going to include in every album a thank you note signed by me and in honor of those who have donated to make this possible.

What can you do?

* Pam’s daughter Tonie is going to donate a Creative Memories Album for one lucky donor! If you make a donation to this effort, please make sure you leave a comment. Between today and July 7, 2009 (gives me plenty of time to purchase all the albums before the first big event on the 13th), leave a comment after you’ve made your donation. Your comment will be numbered and all the comments will go into the hopper. A number will be selected and the winner will receive this special Creative Memories Album.


  1. From someone who has stepped onto that plane and deployed to a combat zone more than once, that little book means more than you can imagine. The one I carried is well worn, faded, and absolutely precious ti me. Step up and help out!

    Comment by p2 — 2009/05/20 @ 09:52

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  3. on its way.

    Comment by Mike D. — 2009/05/20 @ 15:58

  4. Okay – hope that helps a bit. Wish I could donate for the entire thing. *sigh*

    Comment by Teresa — 2009/05/21 @ 08:18

  5. Here is enough to cover one family. Please add my first name to one of the thank you cards. Those soldiers need all of the support they can get! My stepson came home safely from Iraq—twice. Please let one family know that I send my thanks and prayers. To help you fund this, could we each sponsor one (or more….. :grouphug: )album(s)?

    Comment by Robin — 2009/05/21 @ 15:56

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  7. I could swing enough right now to help with one family, I wish it could be more…

    As someone who has watched her husband leave for a 6 month deployment to the Middle East, I can’t even begin to describe how much these albums will mean to the families.

    Comment by Kim @ What's That Smell? — 2009/05/22 @ 07:17

  8. Just sent enough for four families, and will post about this over at the Omnibus today. Let me know if you’re falling short on donations, and I’ll give the tree another shake.

    Hope you have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.


    Comment by Omnibus Driver — 2009/05/22 @ 13:07

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  10. Here ya go Joanie and thanks so much for what you’re doing. I’m honored to give what I can. :princess:

    Comment by mannequin — 2009/05/25 @ 04:39

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  13. Okay…sent enough for one family and part of another. Hope this helps you get closer to your goal. And thank you!

    Comment by Mrs. Who — 2009/06/02 @ 18:31

  14. Thank YOU, Mrs. Who!

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/06/02 @ 20:31

  15. I’ve made my contribution. Having sent two of my boys off I can fully realize just how much this would have meant to them. Thanks for donating your time. (and if I should be the winner of the album, could you just donate it to one of the families).

    Comment by Tink — 2009/06/03 @ 05:34

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