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Da Goddess @ 02:12

I love the 88. Great band. Great guys. Really, really nice guys, in fact. They were super cool when I interviewed them back in 2005 (interview never got published, unfortunately) and they put on a good show. Plus, here they are singing Harry Nilsson!


  1. This is most excellent and really got my morning started off right.

    Comment by pamibe — 2012/12/06 @ 02:59

  2. yay!

    this is why I love music…it’s a fantastic gift shared between friends — and strangers, making them friends…

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/12/06 @ 03:17

  3. That was pretty good!

    Comment by Jan — 2012/12/06 @ 06:57

  4. Makes me a happy camper, it does. I just listened again. (I needed it)

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/12/06 @ 12:54

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