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Da Goddess @ 01:08

My new project: To sell 15 images for $30 each. Printable up to size 11×14 for the purchaser.

When: Now. As in STAT

Why: Money, of course. Bills must be paid and though there is a small job coming up next week, it’s not going to pay what I need to cover everything.

What: Any image you’ve seen on this site (or Flickr or Facebook if you follow me on either of those sites) is up for grabs.

How: Leave me a comment and tell me what image grabs you, what size you want, I then send you the paypal link, you send payment, I send full resolution digital file that 1) grants you authorization to print, and 2) gives you the chance to print as many copies as you’d like! In other words, if there’s an image you like so much you want to give a copy to Auntie, to Mom, to Grandma, and to the nice lady at the doctor’s office who always makes sure there’s an opening for you and your family, you can have prints made for all of them because you’ve already purchased the right to print that file!

Pretty simple, eh?

And don’t worry, there are more images on their way. I have all sorts of things you’ve not even seen yet!


  1. They make great gifts in a Blick frame!

    Comment by pam — 2012/12/01 @ 05:43

  2. Says a woman who knows!

    Thank you, Pam!!

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/12/01 @ 10:54

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