The Ghost Who Liked Popcorn

DaGoddess @ 09:22

Dear Ghost,

Really. THREE IN THE MORNING? No. Just no.

Come back any time before I go to sleep or after I wake up. I promise to look the other way and not notice you (I don’t want to break any ghost code or whatever). But with my meds and such? I’m not exactly the sort of person you WANT to wake up. I’m cranky. So, either learn how to eat popcorn quietly and not make a mess, or you’ll be working around my schedule.

Thank you,

Da Goddess

Apparently our ghost likes popcorn. Also, he/she/it isn’t too good at the whole “see popcorn, grab popcorn, don’t make a mess” thing.

At 3am, I was awakened by a bowl of popcorn being thrown to the floor, a weird flutter and rustle in the air, and a mess to clean up. I opted to let the popcorn stay where it was until I got up this morning. I mean, really, like I’m going to pick it up and have the ghost come back to do the same thing all over again? I think not.

Thankfully it wasn’t food that could stain the carpet.


  1. Someone wanted a little attention, eh? ;)

    Comment by Pam — 2009/08/26 @ 09:45

  2. Apparently.

    Sheesh. I’m willing to give him/her/it attention, but not while I’m asleep. We’d have so much more fun during the day, you know?

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/08/26 @ 09:50

  3. perhaps not……maybe you should get up and see this ghost. Mayhaps it’s one of those tall, handsome, RICH ghosts with philanthropic tendencies who takes struggling bloggers with a camera fetish into their care, bestowing great wealth and happiness. Or maybe you should close the window at night to keep the birds out.

    Comment by p2 — 2009/08/26 @ 10:04

  4. He/she/it is all fluttery and furtive at night. It’s really a drag. The ghost is welcome to hang out, but it would be so appreciated to 1) not have one more thing after which I must clean and 2) be allowed to stay asleep except during emergencies.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/08/26 @ 10:21

  5. Sounds like your ghostie wants you to put stuff away and have it neat before you go to bed. That would drive me nuts – I’m a slob by nature and tend to leave lots of stuff out… you might give it a try one night and see what happens. :rofl:

    Comment by Teresa — 2009/08/26 @ 12:14

  6. You sure the culprit isn’t Not Me instead of a ghost? We used to have problems all the time with Not Me. Whenever something unexplained happened around the house, it was always Not Me’s fault. After a while we just started saying that anytime Not Me popped up, we were going to kick his/her ass, and followed through on the threat. Eventually Not Me started fading into the background, to soon be replaced by I Don’t Know. Sigh.

    Comment by diamond dave — 2009/08/26 @ 15:29

  7. De he utter something in Chinese and swear to comment on all your friend’s blogs??

    If so, I found him.

    Comment by vodkamom — 2009/08/26 @ 16:39

  8. I’ve got the same thing happenin’: Chinese ghosts.

    Mine didn’t eat popcorn but left an s-load of noodles spilled on the counter along with some weird bok-choy-type leafy green stuff. Bastards!

    Comment by IB — 2009/08/26 @ 16:49

  9. Teresa, no, that wasn’t it. And there was a full bowl of popcorn on the counter if he really wanted it. The other bowl was on the table next to sofa, where I was asleep.

    Dave, Not Me wasn’t here. Everyone else was asleep.

    Kaknockers, if the ghost would comment here, it would be so nice. I might actually rack up some traffic and get my ads to pay off.

    Silly ghosts.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/08/26 @ 17:39

  10. Noodles and bokchoy? Lol

    I’ll take the popcorn anyday.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/08/27 @ 00:00

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