Deadliest Catch in a Crabshell*

DaGoddess @ 02:03

Lost grappling hooks, no crab, walruses, and flaring tempers ruled this last episode of Deadliest Catch.

What the hell was happening on the Time Bandit? Grappling hooks overboard? For a seasoned crew, that just seemed so unlikely. Was it a case of men showboating? Was it fatigue? No real answers, but once a hook was recovered, the point was moot. There was also some fancy footwork on deck as near disaster was averted, not once, but twice. With all the cuts to Russell one has to wonder how this is all going to work out with him. In the realm of “competition” reality shows, this would be called the loser edit. I’m still uncertain if the rumors are true, but based on editing, I’m beginning to see a pattern developing and I don’t think I like were it’s headed.

Aboard the Northwestern, things weren’t exactly peachy keen as Edgar and Jake were at odds. Bait not hung to Edgar’s liking. Grumbling to the camera when given a chance, this was a different Jake than what we’ve seen previously. But that’s to be expected. A little more experience under his belt, fatigue, and small return for a lot of hard work makes a greenhorn a mouthy boy.

Over on the Cornelia Marie, Murray’s not on the crab. Calling a meeting, he says he’s going to head north where he’s heard the fishing’s good. Will the move pay off? Only time will tell. In the meantime, the Harris brothers are getting on each other’s nerves.

With the Lisa Marie, the crew seems to be tripping over each other and when push comes to shove, well, it literally comes down to pushing and shoving. These guys are no slouch when it comes to tempers and I’m pretty sure this little boat will keep providing us with plenty to talk about.

The only boat with a steady run of good luck the last couple weeks is the Wizard. Despite their rocky start (Cap’n Keith sustaining a big ol’ knock to the noggin from his boat), they’ve consistently been hauling in red gold. However, running short on bait could cut this luck short. Or will it? A call to the Northwestern yields nothing, nothing but a tale about past assistance and unrepaid favors. Keith decides to fish for bait, pulls in enough, and then he’s off for some sleep. While Monte’s at the wheel, the boat comes upon a herd of walruses. Upon waking, Keith lights into Monte when he hears about the walrus; “they’re good luck!” With his typical fiery outburst and an abrupt “I hate you!”, he storms off to guide the boat into what he hopes is blessed waters. Note to self: if ever looking for crab, follow the walrus because, sure enough, the Wizard is so on the crab! Giant king crab is photographed by one and all. For this crew, they don’t see pinchers and shells, they see dollar signs.

Next week, a storm hits as the boats race back for their final offloads.

* Because a nutshell just won’t do.


  1. Agreed that Jake’s getting a little too big for his britches after two years and needs to be reminded of his place. Sig’s dead on when he talks about the learning curve. Hope that it’s not too much of a reflection on Murray for the Cornelia Marie striking out, I kinda feel for the guy doing the best he can in Phil’s absence. I was wondering what ever became of Keith’s bait request, did Sig come through or not? Makes me wonder if some creative editing wasn’t done here (wouldn’t be the first time). Also good to see their greenhorn’s finally getting his head in the game. Time Bandit seems to be the only one consistently on the crab, but they had a bad run with equipment failures there for a few minutes. How many pots did they lose? Jury’s still out on Lisa Marie (takes me time to warm up to new boats), but brothers or no brothers, that shove was uncalled for and luckily didn’t turn into an all out brawl.

    Overall pretty good episode. The moods of the crews are obviously related to the fishing, which was crappy for most of them last night.

    Comment by diamond dave — 2009/05/13 @ 04:06

  2. Sig didn’t respond to Keith’s calls, which is why they ended up fishing for their own bait (successfully). And while Time Bandit seems to be on steady, but small numbers, it’s the Wizard that’s been in the lead from early on. At the crab count point, they had over 385,000 lbs and the next closest was the Cornelia Marie with something like 150,000 lbs.

    Oh, and Jake A. gettin’ lippy? Loved it!

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/05/13 @ 07:50

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