Yesterday’s Gone

DaGoddess @ 01:22

And I’m really glad.

First, Little Dude hurt himself at school playing basketball. Three calls back and forth with school and the ex and he was dropped off here. I’m sure the finger is fine, but it hurt just enough that he couldn’t focus on anything other than the pain of the basketball jamming into it. I know how that can be. There’s no swelling and it bends relatively easily (except when LD says, “Stop! It hurts!”), so no trip to the doc for now.

The roommate was sound asleep and couldn’t be awakened this afternoon and we couldn’t get to the store, right? We needed food. So I decide that the doctor’s “if you want to try driving, okay” statement was timely and it was out the door, into the car. Except getting in kind of hurt (there are issues with the seat) and getting out hurt even more, especially when people don’t park in their own damn spaces properly. Plus, I can’t really turn to look behind when backing up. We can chalk this up to tried and not ready just yet.

Later, when the roommate got up, he was in such a foul mood that I really didn’t want to talk to him. His voice kept getting louder and louder and I was sore and tired and it didn’t sit well with me. I mumbled something about him going to sit in his cave and being a bear far far away from me. Sigh.

The only good news I got all day was when I called to check in on Mojo. She had a check up with her doc today. She said the bloodwork showed her liver function was heading back toward the normal range (YAY!!!) and she was happy about that. I am, too. She’s complaining of still being sore, tired, and having a rough time with concentrating/confusion. That’s all part of the recovery process and some of the meds. I hate not being there with her, but she’s in capable hands and the phone calls are reassuring. Mo did get to go to the store on Saturday with her aunt, the grocery with my mom on Sunday, and she had dinner at her boyfriend’s house last night. Like me, she’s finding that going out and doing a little something isn’t always easy, often tiring, but in the long run, it does help pass the time and makes the next trip out a little easier. Slow and steady.

Other than having LD here and hearing MJ’s progress, I’m really happy that yesterday’s history.

I’m off to bed. Again. Maybe I’ll be able to stay asleep for a while this time.

And maybe when I wake up in the morning (as opposed to being awake at midnight), I’ll be inspired to upload the few photos I took with LD yesterday afternoon.


  1. Once all of you are healed, maybe you’ll stay that way for awhile? ;)

    Sorry about the roomie, but even through the pain it must have been liberating to drive, eh?

    Comment by pam — 2009/01/14 @ 07:09

  2. It was nice to have that freedom, but the amount of pain it caused? So not worth it. sigh.

    Just reminds me of how far I still have to go before I’m back to normal.

    Comment by DaGoddess — 2009/01/14 @ 16:19

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