Out of Surgery #2 + Massive Plea For Help

Da Goddess @ 01:33

Dad did very well with his surgery and ate a great dinner that same night.

Today he had physical therapy and occupational therapy — TWICE! Knocked him out so I didn’t go see him today. Nope. I had planned to go but then fate intervened.

Keep reading for the fun and excitement of a lifetime!

So, DG, how did you spend your day? “Well, I was on my way to see my attorney and get a new doctor for my back. Things were going rather slowly, but I called in and told them I was running late. I got in the car and noticed parts of Poway were flooded, adjusted my course, and went on. Had to do this several times. No big deal.Then I get onto the freeway and things are going well. I’m watching the traffic and marveling over how much better California drivers are than Las Vegas drivers in the pouring rain. (It’s only won by the thinnest margins, folks) All of a sudden, I hear the most god-awful noise coming from the car. I’m in the far left lane and sandwiched between the regular freeway traffic and the HOV lane traffic. The car DIES. D.E.D…dead!!! (Bonus pts to whoever knows where that’s from) Anyhow I get out of the car and look under it. Dark red fluid pouring out. Hadn’t hit anything or anyone. “Sniff sniff” Oh shit! Smells like transmission fluid. Kinda explains why I can’t get the car to move at all. Only four and a half inches separate me from rest of the traffic. Hmmm, not a good place to be, but at least I can call the attorney and reschedule. Finally get ahold of someone who can come help me: My big sis. We get AAA involve. Get the car towed. The guys at the garage ask what happen. And they say, well, it’s a broken left front axle that severed the transmission line.”


Yeah that was my head hitting the table. Again.

Just glad it didn’t happen while My dad was driving!

I finished my day off by getting a ride from my ex-husband from Walmart to the school to get LD, then to the florist shop to watch young LD pick out his first corsage for a nice young lady, then dropped off at Miss Patty’s for a trip out to the beach to watch the sunset. She had two cameras so I didn’t need one. We met a nice photog out there, talked, laughed, met dogs, laughed some more. And finally got back to Poway and the rain. My dad doesn’t know about his car, and hopefully he’ll never find out. And now really for super sure, I’m asking for donations to help me cover the damage to the car. So far, my sis and bro-in-law are taking care of it, but that’s just not right. I may have a job coming up but that’s not going to pay for anything for at least another two weeks!

Yeah, so today was your basic average day for me.

I don’t understand why more people don’t want to just chill with me. lol

P.S. I also ended up hurting my foot somehow and took my shoe off (in the middle of walmart — Oh! the scandal!!) Nothing in my shoe or on my sock. Finally, pulled my sock off my foot and discovered a nickel was stuck to the bottom of my foot.

I wanted to end up on the people of walmart site, but no one would take a damn photo of me!

If you’re so inclined, a donation to the fix a dad’s car fun would be appreciated.


  1. Thank God you weren’t hurt; that’s such a dangerous situation… your Guardian Angel must have been on overtime!

    And SO happy to hear that your Dad is mending! Go, Dad!!! :-D

    Comment by pam — 2012/10/12 @ 03:11

  2. now to get the house clean!!

    Comment by Da Goddess — 2012/10/12 @ 18:53

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