Home Again, Home Again

DaGoddess @ 00:25

Five and a half hours after my plane landed in Vegas, I’m finally home. No, not because of any horrible delay or anything, but because Buster had a meeting right after picking me up and I waited in a very crowded and loud sports bar for that hour. (Sort of bummed the Chargers lost, but that’s how it goes, right?) Then we had a few drinks, got caught up on everything, and then…then we went and had an awesome dinner at a little Thai restaurant that was packed. The food was sooo good! I’m kind of wishing I could have eaten about 100 more egg rolls.

San Diego was great. Got to see my folks and both of the kids. Got to hang with friends and listen to incredible music. Pretty much how every trip should be.

I’ve already unpacked. Now it’s time to venture into email-land. I’m afraid of what I might find. I had such a small window of internet opportunity, I know it’s going to be crazy.

By the way, when did Matt Damon start working for Southwest? The guy in charge of boarding was a dead ringer for the actor. Funny thing is, I actually find that a more believable role than him as Jason Bourne. (Never thought of Damon or Affleck as action heroes anyway.)

And how are you? Really. I wanna know.


  1. Welcome back!! Glad you had such a good visit! :hug:

    Comment by Pam — 2010/01/18 @ 06:20

  2. Glad to hear you had a good visit and made it home safe, but I know you hated to leave your kids. :hug:

    Sorry about the Chargers, but IMHO they’ll never get over the top so long as Norv Turner coaches the team. Should’ve kept Marty Schottenheimer.

    Me? Dull weekend, other than going to a gun show (able to do no more than look). Will likely go to the other side of Little Rock next weekend and do some visiting of the inlaws.

    Comment by diamond dave — 2010/01/18 @ 06:50

  3. Maybe it was Matt. CBS is running a show called “I Get That A Lot” where various celebs work in odd places. Yet another Punked or Candid Camera. Could be they are using Matt in one of their segments.

    You should have gotten up close and personal to find out if it was Matt.

    Comment by The Thomas — 2010/01/18 @ 12:48

  4. Jiggety-jig.

    Comment by jan — 2010/01/18 @ 13:35

  5. I could swear president Obama had a baby at my hospital today.This kid was a dead ringer right down to the funny ears. Made you stop and look again!

    Comment by karen — 2010/01/18 @ 21:20

  6. Glad you are back safe and sound!

    Me, sick of my cast!!! 17 days and counting.

    Comment by Miachelle — 2010/01/19 @ 13:14

  7. I watched that Charger game with my kids. Lost $5 to my 7 year old who bet me the Jets would win.

    Comment by Retired Navy CPO — 2010/01/21 @ 10:42

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