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Today I lit a candle for you. It was the same one you lit for me exactly a year ago today.

I remember waiting in the airport, leaning against the column, thinking of our first kiss – the kiss I had yet to experience. I looked up in time to see you walking toward me, your hair slightly mussed, eyes looking a little sleepy. You stopped in front of me. You were smiling. You reached out and wrapped your arms around me, pulling me to you. I had to tilt my head back because you’re so tall. Remember me telling you how much I like tall?

You looked into my eyes and then we kissed. It was a wet kiss, not unpleasantly wet, just wet. I melted. I’d waited so long, not realizing I’d been waiting.

That’s the funny thing about you. I’d waited all my life to meet you and never even knew it until the moment we finally did.

So many things ended and began one year ago. The course of our lives changed, for ill or for good. Some may consider it all one big April Fools Day joke, but it isn’t. It never has been.

We’ve danced our dances and cried our tears. We’ve laughed ’til our sides ached and we’ve exchanged angry words. We’ve kissed and made up. We’ve said hellos and goodbyes. How many times? Does it even matter? All I know is that I cherish the time spent with you, be it face-to-face, over the phone, or however we’ve had to make contact. I wouldn’t trade this last year for anything.

Today I lit a candle for you. It was the same candle that you lit for me exactly one year ago today.

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